Catching the lightning in the jar is never easy in the studio. Any band who has ever recorded can tell you that. The groove went straight through the mic and into your ears with the new single from Brighton, UK’s own Luna Blue titled ‘Borrowed Words’. With a solid rhythm section and percussive guitars led by the raucous vocals of Tom High, Luna Blue pave the way for good music like a musical bulldozer. This is how it’s done, folks.

About Luna Blue
Brighton’s own indie-rock-pop four piece, Luna Blue, sourced inspiration for their highly emotional debut EP after the best friend of one of the band was tragically killed by a drunk driver in 2015. The recent University of Chichester graduates put their talented musical minds together, writing the song ‘Welcome Home’ in dedication to the friend, even performing with a full, live orchestra in her name, raising money for her favored charity, Nordoff-Robbins, who specialise in music therapy for the disabled and those struggling with mental health and addiction.

Now, the exciting young outfit is preparing to release their debut EP Nightjar, along with the new funk-infused single ‘Borrowed Words’, after having been picked up by the management agency, New Legends, who cottoned on to their talent at a Battle of the Bands competition. Despite not actually winning the competition, fortune shone on the gifted graduates who are now looking to make a name for themselves in the indie-rock scene.

'Nightjar' cover
‘Nightjar’ cover

Consisting of Tom High (vocals/rhythm guitar), Ryan Wellman (lead guitar/backing vocals), Nick Davie (Bass/backing vocals) and Seb Bowen (drummer/backing vocals), Luna Blue’s ‘Borrowed Words’ exhibits the band at their funk-rock best, with driving, upbeat instrumentation and the wild, soaring vocals of front-man Tom, which focus on the intriguing topic of saying or doing something in order to please someone and fill another fantasy – in another sense – borrowing words.

Captivating breakdowns and face-melting guitar solos from Ryan create a lively atmosphere in their music which is only elevated during the band’s energetic shows, embellished by Seb who provides a constant drive to the sound with his intricate and sometimes complex drum skills. This ethos is embodied within bassist, Nick Davie, who is renowned for his bouncing, carefree performance style that often sees him engaging with and jumping into the audience.

The live orchestral performance, played for Nick’s friend Bryony, exhibited Luna Blue in a totally different environment, playing a number of their own tracks as well as popular covers of bands like A-ha, Don Broco, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. It took two months for Nick to compile the orchestral arrangements for 13 string players, 3 flutists, 4 saxophonists, 5 brass players, a keyboard player and 3 backing singers, as well as the four members of Luna Blue. ‘Welcome Home’ uniquely uses Morse code to spell out Bryony’s name during the second verse and outro of the song, displaying not only the heartfelt song writing capabilities of the band but their versatility and fluid style as well.

Luna Blue will once again be performing with a live orchestra again at The University of Chichester in March 2018.

Coming from varying musical backgrounds, the boys join together a vast array of influences from all over the musical world. Whilst Ryan is strongly inspired by blues and progressive rock, particularly Pink Floyd, Seb, and Nick enjoy delving into the seemingly contrasting realms of metal and jazz, and Tom considers legendary singer-songwriter, Jeff Buckley, his idol.

Luna Blue will also be playing live on the following dates:

  • September 9th: Brixham, Fishstock
  • September 29th: Glasgow, The Buff Club
  • September 30th: Leicester, Pi Bar
  • October 4th: London, New Cross Inn
  • October 28th: Reading, Pavlov’s Dog