Luuk Lagrange is seemingly as invisible as the title of this, his first release, leaving the music to do the talking. Soaking up the influences of EDM past, present, and future, Invisible is progressive and euphoric without feeling to need to pay specific homage to the usual expectations of House. With a thoughtful, involving lyric and imbued with a slowly building piano refrain that fractures into drum and bass breaks which marry perfectly with the uplifting chorus, rather than rebelling against it.

Luuk Lagrange is part of a growing wave of artists broadly working in the dance field but reaching out beyond the confines of what is traditionally expected. Though incorporating drum & bass and recognizable house/techno stylings, it is the layered, textured sound which sets Invisible apart from EDM which is regularly formulaic and draws clumsily from other influences. With a hypnotic, almost liquid piano line which such the listener into Luuk’s mirage of a track, it’s intelligent dance music for music fans who are looking for something more than generic beats and predictability.

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Currently based in the UK, little is known of Luuk Lagrange, beyond that this is the first release under his own name, after having worked alongside a number of big-name dance producers in the 1990’s and 2000’s. With plans for live festival appearances in 2018, there is only so much time left that he can stay out of the limelight…or is there?