Lycio has officially dropped their new single titled ‘Somebody’. The sweet combination of electronic and soul collide in glorious fashion with a solid rhythm and backbeat that throws emotion on the dancefloor and showcases vocalist Genie Mendez’ beautiful vocal range oozing with feeling and meaning every word.

Speaking of ‘Somebody’, Genie Mendez tells us, “I actually thought I’d try a different lyrical approach with this song. I’m rarely one to write about romance and our songs are usually entangled with expressions of my own mental health. So to have such a lyrically open chorus where I’m so clearly talking about unrequited love is definitely a first for us. Although I’ve still kept the verses dark and mysterious, this song is definitely about wanting someone so bad but them not quite wanting you back. Then you get this really catchy chorus, and I did want it to be as catchy as a Jess Glynne or Fickle Friends track, ‘cause they’re really good at grabbing the listener like that. So I hope you all enjoy listening to it the way we enjoy performing it.”

About Lycio

With a focus on championing females in music, Birmingham-based Lycio takes an egalitarian view of how their music is developed, allowing for an exciting, collaborative and democratic writing process. Vocalist and lyricist Genie Mendez, keyboardist Charlie Kellie, and drummer Alex Lowe are each multi-instrumentalists, resulting in their performances being held completely live with no backing tracks or playback. Frequently the songs were written revolve around singer Mendez’ expressions of her own mental health and Kellie even designed his own software specifically to perform live. Lycio prioritizes safety and respect within live music venues, and to combat the culture of sexual assault and aggression – from the dance floor to the dressing room.

All three band members are influenced by a variety of musicians, including the likes of Alt-J, Jack Garratt, Janelle Monae, London Grammar, Jungle, Bonobo, Grimes, Charli XCX, Haim, Tim Hecker, Fickle Friends, Imogen Heap, The XX, and Chvrches. However, their own sound sits in closer comparison to the likes of Skunk Anansie, Skin, Santigold, and Little Dragon.

With distorted synths and vocals leading the introduction into ‘Somebody’, the rhythm quickly picks up as Genie Mendez’s voice begins to build. A soulful, heartful tune, the single manages to put a positive spin on unrequited love. The result is an empowering single, readying the listener to metaphorically “pick themselves up and dust themselves off” of any grief, they may feel. The dramatic instrumental punctuation of the lyrics only serves to enhance the spirit of the song as a victorious atmosphere is created.