John Fryer, the globally recognized producer and curator of the project known as Black Needle Noise, has dropped his new video titled ‘Seed of Evil’ featuring <PIG> a.k.a. Raymond Watts of KMFDM fame. A contoured divide between the industrial overtone and gothic underpinnings, ‘Seed of Evil’ crosses that great divide into a darkly original mindset with grinding rhythm and a purely black chord progression.

The video adds to the musical mindfuck just short of epileptic orgasm designed to muse as much as it is to shock. Decadance now has a soundtrack.

‘Seed of Evil’ is out now, available digitally across online stores, such as Apple Music, and streaming platforms such as Spotify. It is also available directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

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About John Fryer & ‘Seed of Evil’

John Fryer, the legendary producer, and artist in his own right unveils the latest offering from his Black Needle Noise project – the new video for Seed of Evil’ with PIG, an unholy collaboration from two of the most celebrated and talented forces in industrial music.

Vocalist Raymond Watts‘ plows forth with a sinister growl over Fryer’s menacing atmospherics. The track’s foreboding lyrics speak of allowing evil to overcome one’s self.

Formed in the late 1980s, PIG has blazed quite a trail – not surprising with Raymond Watts has been a visible part of the industrial music scene as a founding member and lead singer with KMFDM through their most prolific and successful period (1984-2003), as well as Nine Inch Nails, Schaft, Schwein and Einstürzende Neubauten, among others.

Conceived and edited by Fryer and Joseph Seuferling of Psionic Broadcast, this dark and twisted visual escapade (a Psionic Broadcast and Black Needle Noise Production featuring actress Anjela Piccard) was filmed by John Fryer and Piccard (L.A.) and by PIG (London).

“Joseph Seuferling first came to my attention when I saw he had a film called ‘I Am God’ and BNN had not long just release a song with the same name. So I contacted Joseph and asked if he would like to meet next time he was in LA. Anjela & I went to meet with Joseph Seuferling at the Roosevelt Hotel and whilst we were talking, I asked him he would like to make a video for “Seed Of Evil”. He liked the song so he agreed to make a video. So Raymond shot his footage in London and Joseph got to work,” says John Fryer.

The 1st part of the video Joseph made and turned it into a trailer for the song and The World Tour Of Hollywood that Black Needle Noise was about to embark on. Joseph ran out of time to finish the video so I took over the editing to finish it. Anjela and I shot our footage here in LA and then I got to editing, making sure to keep the same style Joseph had set. Once I had finished it, I sent it to Joseph and he added some final touches. The result of all our hard work is quite amazing, even if I do say so myself.”

As one of the most innovative sonic architects of our age, “John Fryer has practically soundtracked your entire life” (Impose Magazine). His musical imprint is massive, having shaped the sound of bands from Nine Inch Nails and Cocteau Twins to HIM and Depeche Mode. He is also one of just two masterminds behind This Mortal Coil (along with Ivo Watts-Russell – not only producing but also keyboards, strings, and synthesizer sequencing).

“When John Fryer called, it was like cream was fed to my poison crop. I was thrilled to lend Satan’s little helping hand to Black Needle Noise. The result from this marriage made in hell was appropriately called ‘Seed of Evil’ … it pours out of me into the night, where the devil tries it nice and tight,” says Raymond Watts.

John Fryer adds: “After many a moon passing, we finally got to work together again. I had to find the right song for Raymond but I think we have a great noise-pop hit on our hands. It’s been a real pleasure working with Raymond on this and I can’t wait to hear it in the clubs.”

John Fryer started his career in 1979 at London’s Blackwing Studios (London) and soon began working with seminal bands on the 4AD, Mute, Rough Trade and Beggars Banquet record labels, including Depeche Mode, The Wolfgang Press, and Cocteau Twins. His achievement in helping develop the latter’s pioneering ethereal and ambient sound ultimately led Watts-Russell to recruit Fryer as his partner for This Mortal Coil.

A sense of expectation about his music has never left him – expectations he often exceeds from release to release, having produced many groundbreaking artists along the way, including Love and Rockets, Swans, HIM, Cradle of Filth, Clan of Xymox, Nitzer Ebb, Dead Can Dance, Yaz (Yazoo), Xmal Deutschland, Fields of the Nephilim, De/Vision, Stabbing Westward and many others. Over the past two decades, John Fryer has also produced several film soundtracks, including Seven, Clerks, Johnny Mnemonic, Mortal Kombat, Faust and Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Featured image by Anjela Piccard.


  • Music and all noises by John Fryer
  • Lyrics by Raymond Watts
  • Vocals by PIG
  • Video shot by Anjela Piccard and John Fryer (L.A.) and by PIG (London)
  • Styled by PIG, Anjela Piccard, and John Fryer
  • Actress Anjela Piccard
  • Concept/Editing by Joseph Seuferling & John Fryer
  • A (Psionic Broadcast) & Black Needle Noise Production