1. Body Language Magazine Gap 3:27

Magazine Gap has upped the ante with their new single “Body Language”. The track is a lush sounding extravaganza from an uber-talented power trio that really knows how to explore the space of a song and give it that extra something that all too often is lacking in today’s music. Harking back to the days of Joe Jackson while keeping every single bit of modern day relevance, Magazine Gap fills the gap with the talent and flare of an indie juggernaut. Well done!

About Magazine Gap & “Body Language”
Following up their critically acclaimed track “What’s That About?”, Magazine Gap has made their Summer offering “Body Language” available for free download on SoundCloud.

The London three-piece are James Keen – vocals and guitar, Alex Ho – piano and keyboards and Brian McCook – drums and percussion. The cool groove of “What’s That About?” picked up great reviews and “Body Language” is their latest gift for their growing number of fans and is supported by another very watchable video on YouTube.

Inspired by many artists, but copying none, Magazine Gap continues to create their brand of multi-genre rock. Their songs are both musically clever and lyrically interesting and intelligent. “Body Language” encompasses the ever present Magazine Gap groove and seems the perfect accompaniment to the Summer days ahead. Keen, McCook and Ho are a trio that just fit perfectly together and any music lovers life would be that little bit richer for having them in their music collection.

Magazine Gap has promised to regularly furnish us with new material throughout this year and if the standards that “What’s That About?” and “Body Language” are maintained, we are in for more treats.

SOURCE: Official Bio