1. Pink and Blue Magazines 2:58

Magazines has today premiered their new single title ‘Pink & Blue’. Magazines delves into that unique space within music where you can seamlessly combine styles and the end result is as good as it is original. With the beautiful vocals of frontwoman Cath giving that special something to an already unique track, Magazines adds lush to lo-fi and paves the way for a brighter future. And, for that alone, this is a song we need right now.

About Magazines

Magazines are a 4-piece indie band from Dublin, made up of Cath (vocals, guitar), Shayne (guitar), Tom (bass), and Dan (drums). Magazines cite Wolf Alice, The Japanese House, Clairo, The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, and Bombay Bicycle Club as influences.

Magazines are back with brand new single ‘Pink & Blue’, and this latest offering builds further upon their reputation for smart, lo-fi indie.

‘Pink & Blue’ is a must-listen for fans of Wolf Alice and, for those well versed in the Irish music scene, it is giving us Just Mustard vibes with hints of Pillow Queens. The track sets dreamy vocals atop a backdrop snare clicks and drawn-out guitars, recalling The Cure or even Stone Roses’ John Squire in places.

The lyricism is emotive and relatable, transporting the listener to another world with images of “coming off the deep end”. The delicate harmonies subtly disguise a tougher theme, and lead singer Cath Leahy’s words feel bitingly honest; full of longing and always pulling at the listener’s heartstrings.

‘Pink & Blue’ is perfectly balanced in the space between uplifting and solemn, seeing the band hold true to their lo-fi qualities while displaying a continual progress and maturity. Magazines are undeniably a band at their very best and ready to take centre stage.