Christian Aguilar has officially premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Leaving Home’. We’ve all been there and I can attest to how this song brought back bittersweet memories for me from different times in my life. Having said that, they say that time heels all wounds, however, that time can be shortened by a troubadour who writes a song saying that you are not the only one and sharing what was learned.

The music is signature to the extent that the video is a visual track to the song versus the music being the soundtrack. This gives an almost symbiont feeling of a companion hold your hand with that gentle touch of alt-folk and earnest. Beautiful.

About ‘Leaving Home’

‘Leaving Home’, the lead single from Costa Mesa singer-songwriter Christian Aguilar, is about… leaving home. Aguilar’s straightforward approach to a bittersweet experience lets listeners feel very raw emotions of excitement and heartbreak.

The corresponding video depicts his own emotions of leaving a place so integral in shaping who he is. Aimless wandering throughout Southern California visually unearths a hidden beauty in not having a clear direction to go.

About Christian Aguilar

Christian Aguilar began writing poetry from an early age and decided to combine his passion for poetry and music to construct a vision he’s always imagined. Christian emphasizes the importance of lyrics to paint the full picture and relate with the listener. He invites you to see his world of love, loss, joy, pain, humor and simple observation from his point of view.