95506-Cover_StormBridesTurn TurQuoise is the brainchild of singer/songwriter VEra Joppig from Freiburg, Germany, who released her debut album “StormBrides” through her own label; all tracks written, performed, programmed and mixed by VEra.

VEra Joppig:
Born: 1956 in Oberkirch, Germany
Profession: musician
Training: various
Status: wayward

VEra’s earlier life began somewhat restlessly:

  • residences in Germany, Israel, California
  • short and extended trips through Europe, North-america, Asia, Australia
  • worked as orange picker, laundress, solderer, data typist, waitress, barmaid, manager, jewelry seller
  • started trainings as English and Geography teacher, Egyptologist, nurse’s aid, jazz dancer
  • and finished training as foreign language secre- tary for English, French and Spanish

Appetite wetted she finally studied what she always wanted: Singing and Piano, went freelance as a vocal teacher and started to write songs. She is currently living in her hometown Freiburg, Germany, practising piano, looking for musicians and planning turn turQuoise’ first tour.
She sings about life’s crises (Pain, Where Do They Go), longing (Sphere of Hope, One Ordinary Day), surrealist paintresses (StormBrides), Bali (cloves & mangoes), food speculators and her TV (Cannibals at Work, Window to the World) and swimming against the tide (Unstoppable Now, Slowest Way to Die).

SOURCE: Official Bio