Matthau Mikojan - You
Matthau Mikojan – You

In 2012 I was for the first time since my teens in a situation where I had no record label, no booking agency and my band was history. By the end of 2011 I felt our musical resource had been sucked dry. At the same time I was hearing new music and rhythms bubbling under. The muse had returned.

I started making demos and soon found great interest in recording sound. On the other hand, I realized I had no choice – I whether learn and do it all myself or end my career here. I didn’t think twice.

I knew absolutely nothing about recording although I had been a recording artist for almost a decade. Let’s just say I wasn’t taking notes during all those sessions in the past. I began to study everything I could about recording sound by watching studio engineers at work, reading everything I found in books and on the internet, recording constantly learning by trial and error. I watched videos and recorded demos for other people and myself until finally in May 2013 I was confident enough to press the REC button.

Between May the 6th, 2013 and December the 15th, 2014 my motto was Dead to the world until the work is all done. I had no idea how much work making an album would be.

For the first two or three months I got so involved that I practically forgot to eat and sleep. I would start at about nine or ten in the evening and go on until I heard people outside the bunker going to work in the morning. I didn’t see the sun very often that summer of 2013.

After that first mania-like phase came the lowest low. The amount of work became overwhelming and I stopped answering the phone and almost became a recluse… dead to the world until the work is all done.

However huge mountains I was trying to climb I knew exactly why I did all this on my own. For the first time I could play and record my music the way I heard it. Both Matthau Mikojan and Bloodpit had tried to make some of these tracks work years before but bands are always restricted to their musicality and concept. These 13 out of 24 recorded songs are something else!