Sounds of Sputnik is spearheaded by Roman Kalitkin, a 20-year veteran of the shoegaze and post-punk scene in Russia. Sounds of Sputnik collaborated with Canadian-Ukrainian indie rock dreampop shoegaze duo Ummagma on the debut Sounds of Sputnik album ‘New Born’ (UK release date: November 21, 2014).

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Ummagma began in 2003 when Alexx Kretov (Ukraine) and Shauna McLarnon (Canada) met in Moscow. Ummagma debuted with 2 LPs (‘Antigravity’ and ‘Ummagma’) in 2012, released the “Split” EP on Som Non-Label in May 2014 and the “Rotation/Live and Let Die” single on Germany’s Emerald & Doreen Recordings in December 2013, followed by the ‘Lama’ LP in late May 2014.

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