1. Wildest Dreams Max Embers 3:54

Max Embers is set to drop his new single titled ‘Wildest Dreams’ on Friday. Before then, however, we get that exclusive first listen, and, this one is a privilege. It is a privilege because, not only does ‘Wildest Dreams’ fit the sign of the times, it does it with such an earnest and honest way about it and a clear and vivid musical side that you will not only relate, but rely on.

‘Wildest Dreams’ has a subtle orchestral vibe with Max’s weathered angelic vocals guiding and gliding throughout. Some songs need not shout the message in your face. Some just need to give you their heart. This is the latter. Beautiful. And over too soon.

About ‘Wildest Dreams’

Singer-songwriter Max Embers is giving us the first taste of his upcoming EP idyllwild with the release of his single and music video “wildest dreams” on May 7. An unsuspected child of the past year’s pandemic, a need to escape LA, and the building anxiety Embers was experiencing, “wildest dreams” was written after his first night away in an AirBnB trailer. Inspired by a lucid dream, the return of warmth and life to his chest, and “feeling more free than ever,” the single is simultaneously warm, grounded, and airy, full of renewed hope, taking the listener to a new place.

With over 5 million streams on his pre-existing catalog, Embers’ new music is a strong representation of the warmly honest, deeply heartfelt, nature-bound music that Embers has found his voice in. As fans listen to the track, they will float gently above the trees, mountains, and horizon of Idyllwild, CA that inspired Embers’ newest creation. “Getting to finally share “wildest dreams” with the world feels like coming home,” says Embers. “wildest dreams” represents the beginning of a journey—both a literal three-week journey out of LA, and a journey that allowed Max to figuratively go places with his music that he and his imagination never would have gone before. Embers speaks of ‘wildest dreams’ saying:

“It’s a song about giving yourself permission to hope, to dream, to marvel at all that is possible, to trust that you have in you what it takes to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamt of, to remind yourself that there is beauty in the little things in life, to see that maybe real life doesn’t have to be so different from your wildest dreams – a realization that, personally speaking, has freed me in the most unexpected ways.”

As the first single from his upcoming EP Idyllwild, “wildest dreams” is accompanied by a video that is the first peek into a series of diary-style segments recorded by Embers. On a journey to find his voice, Embers invites viewers to experience the discovery of self alongside him with a series of DIY, 90s handheld camcorder style of home videos that shows viewers his perspective in a candid and vulnerable way. The video for “wildest dreams” begins the story with Embers driving up to Idyllwild, moving into the trailer, and spending time up on Inspiration Point during sunset, an overlook at the top of a mountain close to the town. As the journey to the release of the EP progresses fans will get to experience each single visually, making for an incredible representation of the magic Embers found in the California mountains.

About Max Embers

Max Embers is an independent singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in a small town in Germany, he won the internationally renowned music competition Jugend Musiziert shortly before graduating from High School. He went on to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, one of the leading contemporary music institutions in the world, where he had the privilege of sharing the stage with multi-platinum selling artist Paula Cole and Emmy, Tony Award and Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Harry Belafonte. Since moving to Los Angeles, Max has worked with major label artists like Noah Cyrus, Felix Sandman, Joji, Matoma, Colton Dixon and renowned writers such as Grammy Award winning writers A-Rod Lambert and Anita McCloud.

In 2019, Max was a finalist on the premiere of NBC’s Songland, performing his original song “Back Home” for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award winner John Legend and collaborating directly with three time Grammy Award-winning producer Ryan Tedder with whom he co-wrote his single “Lookin’ Up”. In the same year, he partnered up with the British label Frtyfve and the Movember foundation to release two records as part of the ‘Mo Sounds’ initiative. Max’s original music has garnered more than 5 million streams and his debut EP idyllwild is scheduled for summer 2021. Besides working as a songwriter with artists like Swedish Melodienfestivalen star Felix Sandman and Grammy nominee Noah Cyrus, his latest cuts include DJ features with Niiko x Swae, Bhaskar and Enkode, as well as the multi-language duet project “I Dare You” by American Idol winner and three time Grammy recipient Kelly Clarkson featuring the German pop-group Glasperlenspiel.