MIHI NIHIL is set to release their new single titled ‘Falling Star’ on January 28th. That post-modern feel and wistful suaveness are perfectly captured in this blissfully beautiful track in the vein of Mazzy Star with a hint of Patsy Cline. This is just the music we need in times like this. A stepping back and feeling the music kind of vibe to soothe the savage beast.


Fresh band MIHI NIHIL (mee-kee nee-keel) promises a wild ride – at least as wild as it gets from a former singer of the NYC Opera backed by three self-taught rockers.

Likened to The Savages, early Sonic Youth and The Cure, the foursome offer a deeper dive into their debut LP with wistful new single “Falling Star.”

The heart-splitting song carries a 1950’s soul that lilts and sways like the classics. With three songs out already and “Falling Star” on the horizon, the future looks solid for a band that knows how to write evocative and dark music.

MIHI NIHIL (mee-kee nee-keel) sounds like staying up late watching MTV’s 120 Minutes reruns. Never lingering in a single sonic space, the four continue to offer a glimpse into their self-titled upcoming debut album.

So for now, here’s ‘Falling Star’ in all it’s dark beauty.