Daniel Takes A Train is set to release their new album titled ‘Last Ticket To Tango’ on January 15th. As one of the original pioneers of that special set of sounds from that magical musical decade known as the 1980s, Daniel Takes a Train sounds as fresh as they ever have by doing that one thing that legends rarely do; release a new album of new music.

Yes, that rare move among any band that is well seated in the pantheon of history. And they do it with that special bravado that makes them sound as fresh as the freshest new artist on Spotify.

‘Last Ticket to Tango’ is available across leading digital music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and Bandcamp. The CD will be released on January 15 and can be pre-ordered directly from the band.

About Daniel Takes A Train

It’s a mystery why Daniel Takes A Train never hit the big time in the 1980s. After all, their members had recorded with Tom Robinson and The Monochrome Set, had tea and cakes with Slade and T Rex, partied with Paula Yates and The Pet Shop Boys at the 1987 Brits and even stole a set list from The Smiths!

Fate played a hand in the reversal of band’s fortunes when, 30 years after going their separate ways, they were “discovered” via an old YouTube video by Germany’s leading indie pop label, Firestation, and their previously unheard demos formed the basis of their debut album ‘Style, Charm and Commotion’.

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Reforming to play a series of sell-out shows and to share their incredible story with dozens of media outlets, the now fifty-something musicians decided it was time to play the music game all over again. All this new-found creativity resulted in the release of their first ‘proper’ studio album – ‘Last Ticket To Tango’.

Daniel Takes A Train are Paul Baker (lead and backing vocals), Dan Synge (guitars, synths, and backing vocals), James Hannington (drums and percussion), Jez Groves (bass guitar and backing vocals), and Paul Davey (saxophones and clarinet).

‘Most of the songs on Last Ticket To Tango were written in the months after we got back together for a surprise reunion in 2018. Eighties style music is embedded in the band’s DNA, but this time we’ve plundered some of our earliest influences – new wave, soul, ska, and synth pop – for a turbo-charged pop sound that somehow fits seamlessly into the musical landscape of 2021’, says guitarist and songwriter Dan Synge.

‘And with studio production by indie-pop hitmaker Pat Collier (Katrina and The Waves, Primal Scream), we think Last Ticket to Tango has all the makings of a ‘classic album’.’

This long-play also features contributions by Jem Kelly (The Lotus Eaters), Bert Routledge, Keith Jones, Leanne ‘LeeLoo’ Greenman, Steve Barnes, Luke Hannington, Sam Butcher, and David Vaughan (Ten Centurions).