Miss Rayon have released their new single titled ‘Small Life’. A Quasi-combination of vintage fIREHOSE, The Breeders, and other vintage post-modern flare thrown into the melting pot of originality, Miss Rayon runs the gamut of sounds with ambient vocals and glistening guitars backed by a steady beat that relentlessly chugs the song along to brilliant conclusion.

About Miss Rayon

Miss Rayon, from Portland, Oregon, is the project of Detroit/Flint, Michigan native, Eric Sabatino who writes, performs, and records/produces all of the music, with help from friends in the Portland community, including permanent member/drummer Thomas Hoganson (formerly of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Parenthetical Girls, Wampire). Past collaborators include Hannah Blilie (Drummer and vocalist on our first release, Eclipse. Drummer of Gossip), Basil Strawberry, and Derrick Bozich (current guitarist of Sound of Ceres).

Eric grew up listening to Sonic Youth, Magazine, Breeders, Swell Maps, and Neil Young who all come through on their releases. The project started in 2016, whilst Eric was playing with a selection of Portland bands including Cat Hoch Band, Appendixes, Wave Action, Bryson Cone, Deathlist, and Martha Stax.

The first live show came along on July 30th, 2017 with Lithics followed by the first single released a few months later. Since then they’ve released an album (recorded live) and they’ve had a few lineup changes but Thomas remains a full-time member. They’ve also managed to tour extensively up and down the West Coast since 2017.

They’ve now come up with a plan to release a song every Friday during the COVID-19 pandemic, to stay sane and keep themselves busy!

All of these songs were originally intended to be on a second full-length. No release date has been selected yet, but we will be self-releasing the singles as a 12″ LP titled 2020 Singles before the end of the year.