I Am a Rocketship have just released their new album titled ‘Ghost Stories’. A varied musical journey that covers a beautiful canvas, ‘Ghost Stories’ offers an insight to that wonderful collective of minds and creativeness with each and every track that builds that canvas on its own or uniquely as that collective.

Each hook in each song feels like an original ‘gotcha-grab’ in a different way, and even from different artists at times. I love it when a band, artist, or group can give a track identity of its own and combine those into an album that never bores.

The full ‘Ghost Stories’ LP is now available everywhere digitally, including Spotify, as well as on CD, via the band’s own My Long Wknd imprint. It can be ordered directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

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About I Am a Rocketship & ‘Ghost Stories’

Atlanta-based indie-pop duo I Am a Rocketship present their third album ‘Ghost Stories’,  a rich collection of eleven songs triangulating electronica, rock, and pop and ranging from noisy sample-based instrumentals to somber ballads. Ahead of that, they presented the first menacing single ‘My Nature’.

I Am a Rocketship is an American-Swedish duo comprised of Eric Weissinger and L E Kippner. Their music draws from memories of 80s pop, hip-hop overheard on Atlanta streets, Bernard Hermann soundtracks, and Neue Deutsche Härte to make bedroom pop with an edge.

I Am a Rocketship merges cool Scandinavian vocals, pop hooks, and a dash of experimenting. Layering dark lyricism and fuzz guitars over pop grooves, they create a notably attractive hybrid sound. They write, record, and create art and videos without other contributors, capturing this new album on a notebook computer in various locations over the course a year.

The new album follows up their sophomore offering ‘Mind Grafitti’, released in 2019 and featuring lead single ‘Face Off’, influenced by Led Zeppelin’s album ‘Physical Graffiti’, and a distinctive cover of Rammstein’s classic ‘Du Hast’. They released their debut long-play ‘Mission Control’ in 2016.

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The title track ‘Ghost Stories’ sprang into fully formed existence when Eric first played a 70-year-old guitar. This spirit of letting ideas emerge without trying to conform to any style led to the creation of the rest of the album. Lyrics and instrumentation were chosen quickly and by instinct, leading to a collection of music that can be jarring but rewarding.

“This wasn’t intended to be an album. We were going to do an EP of a few songs we’d played live, but then I got this guitar, a 1949 Gibson, and the song Ghost Stories just poured out, completely written. We both fell into this groove of coming up with new song ideas so that we ended up having to cut material for the album. It was an incredibly loose and easy album to make, but it’s not disciplined or planned,” says Eric Weissinger.

A journeyman bassist and guitarist backing up various artists and opening for bands such as The Wedding Present, The Black Crowes, James, Cracker and Portastatic, everything changed for Eric Weissinger thanks to a chance meeting with L E Kippner – cellist, scientist, radio DJ and singer for Swedish synth-pop duo Neobox. At first, forming Hitchcock Blondes in Ohio, they relocated to Atlanta to try new ideas as I Am a Rocketship, for which they have been receiving quite favorable international press and radio play.

Featured image by Katja Bjorn.