Mt. Doubt has released their new single titled ‘Headless’, from their new album ‘Doubtlands’. A beautiful collage of soundscapes and vocal harmonies, ‘Headless’ is a solid track that veers in wild directions while standing still. By that I mean that the track has a wide range of lush sounds while staying true to its form. Somber and succulent in one take, ‘Headless’ gives that certain something found in only the best tracks that are hard to pin into a genre.

Comprised of a glistening steady guitar driven chord progression, the song comes to an artful climax with a gritty saxophone and concludes with the listener wanting more.

About Mt. Doubt

Built up around the songwriting and vision of band-leader Leo Bargery, Mt. Doubt has been a shifting mass of musical output since the band’s genesis, which saw the release of their debut album ‘My Past is a Quiet Beast’ in 2015.

Ever-active, Bargery quickly went on to release sophomore record ‘In Awe of Nothing’ in 2016 (on Scottish Fiction Records) before releasing three EPs, ‘The Loneliness of the TV Watchers’, ‘Moon Landings’ and ‘This Must Mean Something Awful’, throughout 2017 and 2018. Taking cues from Bargery’s musical and literary influences, Mt. Doubt deal in the darker side of things, often dipping a limb in the atmospheric while remaining lyrically-driven and unflinchingly personal.

Four years in and Mt. Doubt have performed across the country: from Inverness to Brighton, from the Isle of Skye to Cardiff, and a whole lot of places in between. Including appearances alongside the likes of Idlewild, White Lies + We Were Promised Jetpacks.

In late 2019, the band signed to Last Night From Glasgow in advance of releasing their third album, slotted for September 2020.

About ‘Headless’ (from the artist)

To me, this feels like it emerges out of ‘Murmurations’, but as something altogether more grand and luxurious, with a much more substantial sense of scale. I just brought the piano part and the vocals but the textures and intricate guitar work throughout the track really elevate the track to another level.

There’s an almost lounge-rock feel to it, it’s really laid back and reticent with an underlying urgency which I think is fed by the vocals predominantly. The high point is definitely the saxophone solo. It was a guitar solo for months, and really we just recorded it on saxophone for a bit of a laugh, but it sounded great… so we kept it! It adds a bit of bombast to some pretty heavy listening!

The whole thinking behind being ‘Headless’, is the process of letting your life slide past you or letting your anxieties put you in the passenger seat. I’ve succumbed to that a lot, and have found myself, at times, thinking that perhaps I owe it to those I’ve wronged to penalize myself. This song is about that; “I owe it to you to be headless”. Who needs a therapist when you can write a song!