1. Just Being Me Myles Sanko 3:50

Sweet and smooth like the jazz troubadours of old, Myles Sanko releases his new lead single “Just Being Me”, off of his upcoming album of the same name,  with the perfect fusion of old-school and modern cool. Slight musical nods to the more modern like Fiona Apple, with salutes to the giants like Marvin Gaye, “Just Being Me” gives credence that jazz and soul are alive and well with modern relevance and classic sophistication.

The single is out now!

The album Just Being Me is out October 28th.


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Just Being Me
Just Being Me

About Myles Sanko
Set to a rich backdrop of strings, choirs and backing vocals, Myles’ sound takes inspiration from soul legends such as Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Donny Hathaway and Gil Scott Heron. The lyrics meanwhile explore topics of love, hope, and politics, delivered with a 21st Century perspective.

Born in Acra in Ghana in the wake of a violent uprising, Myles spent his childhood moving from country to country in West Africa before eventually moving to the UK at the age of 16. Growing up on hip-hop, his tastes gradually moved to soul, and then jazz, influencing his musical path.

Finding a middle ground between the jazzy sophistication of Gregory Porter and the folksy rawness of Michael Kiwanuka, Myles sound is sure to appeal to all breeds all soul fan, made unique by its DIY approach. A musician, composer, producer, artist and cinematographer, Myles’ multiple creative talents have allowed him to create music entirely in his own vision.

Already he has risen to prominence in the soul world, making the front cover of Blues and Soul Magazine and touring with the likes of Gregory Porter and Speedometer. He has also performed sell-out shows at esteemed venues such as the Grec Theater in Barcelona. Future endeavours include supporting Gregory Porter again this November, as well as making a guest appearance on the upcoming album from Mousse T.