Nikavo is set to drop their double single titled ‘Yummy Miami’ and ‘No TV’ tomorrow, April 10, 2020. What we get here is two sides of the same brilliant coin win the form of two tracks from the same artist showing two completely different sides of himself. ‘Yummy Miami’ is a ‘dancetastic’ tribute to the party and a future anthem for the dance floor while ‘No TV’ is a darker EDM musical moshpit with a grittier tone and harsher beat yet, both contribute to the overall mix as bookends to each other in that there is a symbiance found the originality of it all.

Nikavo ‘Yummy Miami’ is out now, available digitally across key online stores and online streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music.

About Nikavo


Nikavo is a musical union of producers Philip Winiger and Alexey Laduda, each quite prolific in is own right. The name of the project came from an aural transcription from Russian, meaning ‘nobody’ or ‘not a single person’. As they say, two heads are better than one’, especially when united by electronica and rooted in such a concept as future nostalgia. As such, Winiger and Laduda bring their own unique skill sets and experience to the studio.

Originally from Switzerland, Winiger has a strong affection for the German electronic music scene and was formerly half of Cleopatra Records-signed industrial/ EBM outfit INHALT. Alexey comes from an entirely different background, having grown up in the rigid, yet highly creative, post-Soviet space, playing the guitar and singing. Both share a passion for dance music and analog audio synthesis, ultimately manifesting themselves in Nikavo’s ever experimental, yet accessible, sound.

“In ‘Yummy Miami’, the lyrics speak for themselves. It’s about a direct experience that both of us had separately while working in the service industry and finally getting time off, a break from the day-to-day grind and an opportunity to go somewhere where you feel happy,” says Philip Winiger.

“It’s pretty transparent, there is no deeper meaning to that. An underlying desire for having fun and the excitement of getting there. We think most people can relate to that, everybody just wants to let loose and go nuts once in a while.”

In terms of their sound, esthetic and songmanship, Nikavo’s songs are influenced by the work of Minilogue, Daft Punk, Kraftwerk, Trentemoeller, Telefon Tel Aviv, Jean-Michel Jarre, Victor Tsoi (KINO) and Morton Subotnik.