The Bartells have dropped their new single titled ‘Something’. Starting off with that sweet hollow body guitar going right into that layered sound with earth-tone vocals, ‘Something’ gives that sweet something to those that give without restraint in the medical field, in this case, the UK’s NHS system. This could be a dedication for those doctors, nurses, CNAs and every single person that give their time to save our lives around the world, especially in today’s world. Beautiful on every level.

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About The Bartells

The Bartells are an Indie Rock quartet powered by skilled musicianship and great songwriting who combines a story of both the joys and heartaches of life. The band consists of Alfie Edwards on guitar and vocals, Darren Edwards on bass, Rob Evans on drums and Jon Roberts on guitar and vocals.

‘Something’ is their much needed, uplifting new single and is dedicated to the NHS and a big thank you to the UK’s doctors and nurses and frontline staff in our hour of need.