Occlusions give a sweet combination of dreamy soul, rhythmic R & B, dissonant Electronica and captivating originality in the form of their new single titled ‘City Love’. The song gives cinematic breaks where appropriate, just long enough to catch one’s breath, before re-emerging the listener in a soundscape of sonically sensual bliss designed to grind the mind. Breathtaking.

About Occlusions
Occlusions are the experimental R&B project of vocalist Monica Thomas and producer Alex Gorischek. The duo draws influences from the likes of FKA Twigs, Kelela, Gold Panda, Andy Stott, POLIÇA, and others.

Thomas comes from a tradition of roaring alt-rock (via the now-defunct Seattle band Power Cassette) but grew up with a stereo rotating between Erykah Badu, Modest Mouse, and her mother’s Italian arias. Gorischek started making beats with Sibelius in high school and has been producing electronic music ever since.

The two formally joined forces in 2016 and the result is the smoky, soulful sound of Occlusions. Their name evokes teeth locking together, computer-rendered shadows, consonant pronunciation, and cyclone formation — ideas that show up in the process of their work.

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Pulling sounds and inspiration from hip-hop, R & B, downtempo, chillwave, grunge, witch house, and pop, Occlusions’ resulting sound is something that stands entirely on its own, paying close attention to not err too far into the realm of standard pop. If they do, they’ll go back and rework it until they get the right combination of gritty and sultry. The duo is gearing up to release their debut EP, Kissing Silhouette. The self-produced EP took roughly two years to put together, with Alex hammering out beats in his Seattle apartment and then sending them to Monica, who would write lyrics while she was on the bus. Kissing Silhouette will be released independently on Friday, June 1, 2018.

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“Brand-new duo, Occlusions, is a genre-bending enigma. Their warped synths and lo-fi beats flashback to late – ’00s chillwave, while Monica Thomas’ vocals simmer with soul, classic but wounded. This just-released first peek provides a more woozy, sexy vibe than a succinct statement of intent; we’re excited to hear more.”
– City Arts Mag