First Listen: Official Burnt Toast - Money As Debt/Hi TimeOfficial Burnt Toast are Adrian Lawrence, Patrick Luke and Abrar Hafiz. Based in East London the trio produce spoken word, hip hop and punk, described by Luke Hannam (Gramme / Emperors New Clothes) as “an infectious cocktail of American paranoia, Canadian objectivity and a very English obsession of introspection and the fly on the wall documentary with the warmth of an accessible sound”.

Official Burnt Toast has been featured in UK broadsheet The Observer, where respected fashion photographer Perou is quoted as saying: “I always shoot to music except when we’re being filmed for TV shows and we’re not allowed. My fave band at the moment is Official Burnt Toast. Their music is between spoken word and rap. It’s very funky, but with English sentiment”.

Known for their electric live performances, The band cite Glastonbury where they played the Green Peace stage to a capacity crowd as, “one of the best gigs we’ve done to date”.

Their double A-side single ‘Money As Debt’/’Hi Time’ is taken from their debut Album ‘Tubs’n Tongue – Fu’.

Featured Image by Al Baker Photography.