The Pacers draw their influences from the sixties Psych/Garage scene, mixing it up with their own unique ideas to create unforgettable and energetic live performances in the same vein as The Stooges and The Stones, with a healthy dose of freakout psychedelia.

The band formed in the late summer of 2013 when Alexander Friedl and guitarist Harry Stam met under what they describe as “mysterious circumstances”. With a shared interest in all things 60’s and a desire to escape the monotony of everyday life, they duo picked up their guitars and began writing songs.

A former bandmate of Harry, bass player Jay Creswell, was next to join The Pacers, closely followed by drummer Jamie Yuan. With the line up complete, the band set about making a name for themselves on the underground music scene, playing a string of venues primarily in north and east London which have earned them a loyal and ever increasing fanbase. ‘Losing Touch’ is their debut single.

The Band:
Alex Friedl – Vocals, Guitar
Harry Stam – Lead Guitar
Jay Creswell – Bass
Jamie Yuan – Drums



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