Papur Wal has that quirky yet original way about them, and I don’t just mean the titles of some of their songs either. With their new double single titled ‘O’n Ni’n ffrindia’ ‘When He’s Gone’ you get this constant duality within the tracks that show the band definitely has an original road ahead. I love that about them too. Think of them as the Vincent Gallo of the #indie music scene. Being this original in today’s music scene, where literally everything has been done before, gives that refreshing hope that all is not lost, or discovered.

About Papur Wal
If you have ever imagined what Lou Reed fronting post-rock innovators ‘Slint’ with some Jonathan Richman ‘The Modern Lovers’ two-chord interplay driving it all would sound like?…. Then we give you Papur Wal and their ambitious double A-side singles ‘O’n Ni’n Ffrindia’ and ‘When He’s Gone’.

Papur Wal returned to work again with Cardiff producer Kris Jenkins (SFA, Cate Le Bon, Gruff Rhys, H.Hawkline), who steered their exhilarating EP ‘Lle yn yr byd mae hyn?’ from earlier this year. Like all Papur Wal songs ‘O’n ni’n ffrindia’ and ‘When he’s gone’ are twisting, shape-shifting ever-evolving lyrical plays, with no word or astute observation wasted.

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As Ianto Gruffydd from the band explained “O’n ni’n ffrindia’ deals in part with the loss of friendship, ‘When he’s gone’ deals with another kind of loss, the decline of heroes and individuals. When you see someone deteriorating and how difficult that is whilst also remembering how hugely influential that individual was for so many people. It’s easy to forget that'”

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