Pearl today drops her new single titled ‘Honeymoon Suite’. Feeling like a future classic, ‘Honeymoon Suite’ gives you that sense of excitement and subtle joy as it cracks a smile on your face and gives you that tap in your foot while you try to get your work done at the office not realizing that everyone can now tell you are listening to something cool in your earbuds. That feeling subsides as you come to terms with that and don’t care because Pearl gives you that sense of liberation in her music. And that’s what good music is about. Right?

About Pearl & ‘Honeymoon Suite’

Enigmatic singer-songwriter Pearl returns on October 21st with indie-pop gem ‘Honeymoon Suite’. The new single shows off the playful side to the Sydney singer-songwriter as she explores the harsh realities of a relationship going sour. Enriched with vintage synths and a funk-soaked rhythm, the warm soundscapes are contrasted by Pearl’s cool and sassy vocals, giving the track its bittersweet edge.

“Honeymoon Suite is a song about the romance dying in a relationship. Once you take those rose colored glasses off you realize you’ve invested in a human that didn’t deserve you and all you want is your money back.”


Formerly known as Pearl The Girl, her previous singles have gained the alt-pop artist much acclaim throughout Australia. With placements across Spotify playlists (New Music Friday and Rock Out) to radio play on Triple J and coverage from the likes of Pilerats, The AU Review and Time Out Sydney, now Pearl has started a new chapter and is ready to take on the rest of the world with her irresistible flare.

Growing up in a household with creative parents, Pearl followed in their footsteps at a very early age. Pearl’s voice might sound familiar, having been a voice actor for the last 21 years (since aged 4) signed to RMK. Throughout childhood and her teenage years, Pearl was drawn to performing and became a triple threat (singer, dancer & actor). Honing her craft over the years, Pearl was a part of major productions (Sinbad the Sailor) and tv shows (Puberty Blues, Home and Away). These experiences cemented Pearl’s love for music and lead to her working with producers and songwriters. Pearl dabbled in EDM, indie-electronica and folk before eventually finding her own alternative pop sound.

Playful in sound, lyrically aggressive and frolicsomeness in performance, Pearl simultaneously feeds the romantic at heart and heartbroken.