Pep Squad have released the new single titled ‘Rebel’. Those of you who are familiar with the band Holy Wars and Kat Leon are sure to be shocked and awed with this release, as Kat is definitely treading new ground with both Pep Squad and ‘Rebel’.

As their bio states, this is the music for the underdogs. And what better time than now. And ‘Rebel’ is that anthem lyrically, sonically, and musically. Take it to the next level in the next decade as we settle into a new way of thinking that, hopefully, begins to see everyone as equals and by their merits and not by their heritage. With that said, anthems are designed to ignite and Pep Squad has a match.

Check out our exclusive interview with Kat Leon HERE.

About Pep Squad

Pep Squad is the voice for the outsiders, the freaks, geeks, and underdogs. Unapologetically interrupting your complacency by igniting your inner rebel inspiring you to join the revolution with loud AF anthems.

The band is a collective of 3 talented, passionate forces in their own rights. Dynamo, powerhouse rock star vocalist Kat Leon, front woman for the acclaimed band Holy Wars. Producer/drummer Dan Whittemore, who has worked with an array of indie and major label artists from around the world and also composed numerous theme songs and custom music for UFC, NFL, and the Life Below Zero franchise. And platinum songwriter Curtis Peoples, who has written songs for Pierce The Veil, Third Eye Blind, and Grayscale, among others, as well as being a member of the band Kids In America.

Their punk rock cheerleader attitude will kick down the doors blasting an energetic fusion of alternative rock and bratty pop with hip hop influenced rhythms.

Pep Squad is Kat Leon, Curtis Peoples, and Dan Whittemore.