1. The Mountain Ping Pong Warrior 3:13

Ping Pong Warrior has released their new single titled ‘The Mountain’. That perfect blend of electronic and ecstatic combine within a song of brilliance and dancing light. That, to me, is that ping pong sound. That yin and yang between originality and creativity. That special something that is heard without being spoken. ‘The Mountain’ conveys this with the effortlessness of professionals. Brilliant!

About Ping Pong Warrior

Ping Pong Warrior are a production duo from London.

They love nothing more than experimenting with vintage synths, drum machines, gee-tars, and any other objects they can get their hands on. The sound is electronic, with an injection of disco, rock, pop, and psychedelia, creating the Ping Pong sound.

The duo released their debut EP on Pink Handkerchief Records, which was described by Rough Trade as, ‘Nothing short of a triumph…’ In support of the release, they toured the UK, playing sell-out shows with a full live band.