Chonna Christelle is set to drop her new single titled ‘Leave Letter Stripped’, as part of her new ‘Ink Blot’ EP, releasing tomorrow. We have a special treat in the form of the music video!

What we get with the stripped version of ‘Leave Letter’ is more than a more intimate soundscape. We get a more earnest one. That moment at the crossroad that life inevitably sends us to. Where do we go from here? Whatever choice you make, Chonna shows with this song that you are not alone and, whether you make the right or wrong choice you will always be able to make more choices.

‘Ink Blot’ drops tomorrow on all major platforms.

Here is the original version below.

About Chonna Cristelle

Chonna Cristelle is a little indie-soul with a rock-and-roll edge. She is part badass, part broken, and all passionate. Originally from “a little bit of everywhere”, Texas, her life has taken her to “a little bit of everywhere else.”

“Ink Blot,” her debut single, is a story of self-discovery. Chonna shares her tumultuous life experiences through these lyrics, shining a light on them so that others might begin to recognize their own inner darkness and express it instead of burying it in a convenient (for others) and out-of-the-way place. “Leave Letter,” her next single, helped Chonna refocus on the here-and-now rather than what could have been in the there-and-then. “Huff,” is a vulnerable and honest expression of her life experiences. It’s a heartfelt ballad for others who were, like her, forced to grow up all too soon.

“Do It Again” was just released in November of 2020 and has a more dream-like quality to its smooth groove – chasing happy, chasing high. “Leave Letter (Stripped)” brings a whole new vulnerability to the original song. It’s a plea for help and guidance, and the realization that she’d have to find it through her own writing.

Her first musical project was a huge, daunting undertaking, and Chonna found herself scared and confused by her own lyrics. But it was a time of transition, of healing and self-discovery, and when the words made it out into the world, it began to change everything for her.

Chonna’s 5-song EP is releasing on March 19, 2021.

About ‘Leave Letter’

My second single, Leave Letter, represents so much pull from within.  Should I stay or should I go?  What am I running from and why?  During this time I was doubting many parts of my life.  In the past when I wanted a fresh start I just got up and left.  As I matured, I started to realize that leaving isn’t always the right answer.  I wanted something new, something exciting.  I didn’t fully understand that my own happiness came from within.  I still struggle with that.  At least now I don’t run from the constants and find peace in contentment.