Pluto Jonze has today premiered his new double singles ‘New Morning High’ and ‘Rumschpringe’. These two singles seem to represent two completely different sides of the artist Pluto Jonze. Pluto is obviously a stellar songwriter that has a sound and style all his own, we get different sets of emotions and colors with each track.

‘New Morning High’ has that quiet reminder of the golden era of Motown mixed with the glory days of soul-pop. The main chord progression brings a tear to the eye with the way it interacts with the vocal harmony. The song is beautiful and happy with a touch of melancholy. Then it kicks in with only the hook to remind you that you are in the same song. Yet it is so seamless.

‘Rumschpringe’ starts off in a completely different light. Immediately starting off like a song that someone would play at a funeral of a dearly loved one, the song treads right out of the box and into that uncharted realm of true originality. Light hints of church choir singing a choral pop song next to an electronica duo fronted by the godchild of Elton John and George Michael, there is enough packed into ‘Rumschpringe’ to garner fans of any genre, yet its all done in a pristine manner and held to the standards of a musical giant.

From someone who is a fan of ‘Breakfast in Korea’ and ‘Dot’, this is a welcomed evolution.

‘Awe’ is set to release in November.

About Pluto Jonze & ‘Awe’

Australian indie psych-pop artist Pluto Jonze has announced his new album “AWE” will be released Friday November 5th.

Having already previewed the record with the A/B single ‘Kelsey in Corduroy’ and ‘Walk Off The Edge With Me’, the next glimpse of the long-awaited record comes in the form of another Double A-side release ‘Dot / Moonmaking’ which showcases the luscious and sweeping production of the record.

Over the past decade, Pluto Jonze has established himself as a particularly unique voice whilst wearing hats as producer, songwriter, performer & visual artist.

Following triple J and US college radio hits Plastic Bag in a Hurricane and Eject from his debut album (2013), and the Sucker EP (2014), Pluto embarked on several years of collaboration, touring and producing with artists ranging from Ball Park Music, Jungle Giants, Megan Washington, Delta Riggs, Lime Cordiale to Cub Sport, and in 2016 he performed on JJJ’s Like A Version.

In 2019 he gained international attention performing his song I’ll Try Anything live on a burning piano.

2021 will see the release of Pluto’s long awaited sophomore album Awe, 4 years in the making. Written around piano rather than the more familiar guitar riffs, Awe is a true evolution, an epic dreamscape, influenced as much by romantic composers Debussy, Erik Satie, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, as by Indie Psych modern greats Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Beck, Tobias Jesso Jnr, Tame Impala, AIR and Todd Terje.

The first A/B side – Walk Off The Edge With Me / Kelsey In Corduroy – showcased a darker edge of Pluto’s song writing and production, and features a collaboration with debut guest vocalist Anna Davoll.

“A lot of things to do with this album have been a leap of faith. Exploring all this new territory has taken time to get right but I really feel like finally these tracks are ready for people to climb up on.”

“I’ve realized Pluto Jonze is something that will always be a part of me and I want to keep releasing music forever under this name.”
Pluto Jonze