Puppet Theory has just released their new single titled ‘Two Left Feet’. Puppet Theory is one of those bands that have already established their sound. Now they are honing it. And ‘Two Left Feet’ is a perfect addition to the evolution of their musical revolution.

The hook is brilliant and encapsulates the song in accessible rock and readiness that only true songwriters can create.

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About Puppet Theory & ‘Two Left Feet’

Manchester’s Puppet Theory’s evolving sound blends traditional, energetic indie music, modern synth techniques, and belting vocals influenced by pop-punk music.

This results in memorable, upbeat songs with driving beats and fantastic melodies.

With an established reputation for high energy performances and unforgettable choruses that leave you with a night to remember.

Gracing some of the biggest and most legendary venues in Manchester, not forgetting popping up on the local festival scene, these guys have certainly left their mark on whoever got the chance to see them live.

With the world in the midst of Covid19 leaving bands unable to play live, Puppet Theory continues to set their sights on writing and releasing feel-good songs to help lift music lovers out of the shadows of darkness that Covid19 has left hanging over the world.

Two Left Feet is the final installment from a string of single releases promised by the band throughout 2020.

With a slightly heavier feel, this song shows Puppet Theory’s unique ability to blend different styles of music and incorporate them into the band’s philosophy that has grown their audience since 2016.

In a nutshell, whether it’s a foot-stomping indie pop song, loaded with catchy lyrics and lead lines, or a heavier feel that encourages sweaty mosh pits orchestrated by a bigger stadium sound, the listener will always know, they are listening to Puppet Theory.

On the song, the band say:

”Two Left Feet’ was written and recorded at Sound Hub studios back in 2019.
It’s about meeting someone for the first time and that person really knocks you off your feet and you end up being a bit of a clumsy idiot or in better words, love drunk.

Unfortunately, some things don’t last forever and you end up questioning where you stand in a confusing relationship that’s plagued with secrets unanswered questions, and narcissism.’