Jamar Langley has dropped his new video for the track titled ‘Highlight Girl’. That magic that was captured in the classics within Motown and Soul are alive and well in the music of Jamar Langley. Each instrument conveys that beat bravado and swaggered swing with each note written and recorded with that certain something that not every artist has but every musician flaunts. And Jamar is a true musician.

About Jamar Langley

A look inside this artist that is just launching! For a small window of time, every generation has the rare privilege to walk among legends of greatness. That era of time is now. These people entertain us in such a unique way that they leave a lifetime’s worth of impression on us.

Our legend is crossing off everything on the list that is worthy of being called a great and if you haven’t heard by now, this is your introduction. When it comes to talent without boundaries, this singer and songwriter define the difference between an artist and an entertainer.

Signed to Chevi Muzic headed by Jeremy Reid, better known in the music biz as “J. Reid The Producer” aka “Chevi”. Hailing from Decatur GA Ried graduated from Stephenson High School in 2005 and attended Alabama A&M Uni in Huntsville AL. in 2006 He left University to pursue his career in music and in 2009 launchd his record label Chevi Music which is based in Atlanta.