1. Safe From Harm Ragsy 4:07

Ragsy is releasing his new track titled ‘Safe From harm’ on June 18th. Highlighted by a smooth swagger and road weary styled vocals, Ragsy gives an earnest performance about the basic needs and wants of having someone you love. Done in a musically subtle, at times, way and with a massive old school hook, the music becomes a stage for the weatherly massive vocal that is Ragsy.

About Ragsy & ‘Safe From Harm’

This is the third single from Ragsy’s eagerly awaited forthcoming album ‘One More For The Road’ Volume 1, which was recorded at Northhouse studios, co-produced with friend and producer Chris Peet and features the artwork of Ragsy’s partner Hannah Day.

Ragsy, whose debut single ‘The First Time’ and second single ‘Under Clear Skies’ , also taken from the album, made the BBC Radio Wales, A-List, said: “The album itself has been a long time coming, with a delay in its release in early 2020 due to the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic continue to have on the world, as well as the music industry”.

The third single ‘Safe From Harm’ is a passionate, bright and buoyant song revealing that deep desire of wanting to keep a loved one safe. Written about those moments when your loved one is at their most vulnerable, feeling insecure, as they continue to put on a brave face. Whether it be from a tough day, some bad news or even a bad dream. All you want to do is wrap them up in your arms and tell them ‘hey it’s going to be ok. I’ve got you’.

News of the album ‘One More For The Road’ has had overwhelming public response so far and the singles have been play-listed on many radio stations worldwide.

The songs have been described as:

• Huw Stephens – BBC Introducing “The Big Sounding First Singles – The First Time”

● Wynne Evans – BBC Radio Wales “A Belter of a song and an anthem”.

• Joanna Page – BBC Radio Wales “Hasn’t he got a lovely voice! That was beautiful”.

• Niko – Indie Music Center “Yes, we can use that word when we talk about “Under Clear Skies”. It is a masterpiece”.

● Ben Dain-Smith – Bro Radio “The single begins with immediate heft, as distorted and reversed sound makes way to a driving acoustic guitar track, swirling synths and Fleetwood Mac, “Big Love” style, grunts, before layered harmonies take you into Ragsy’s warm, somehow familiar-on-first-listen, vocal”

.● Steve Kenward – Welsh Connections “The punchy, spacious production by Chris Peet evokes the emotional intensity of Echo and the Bunnymen and The Smiths. This clean, driving arrangement is contrasted brilliantly with Ragsy’s soulful vocal – stretching and bending notes like Kelly Jones, but with a distinct tone that is all his own”.

● Sadie Maude – Original Rock “The track has a tame, laid-back sound with the addition of Ragsy’s swagger filled vocals giving it that extra edge. The single has been taken from his forthcoming album ‘One More For The Road’ and offers a great insight in to the kind of vibe we can be expecting. It builds hype all while not giving too much away!”

● Songwriters Magazine “If you’re a fan of classic songwriting with a rocky edge then the new single from Ragsy is definitely for you. “The First Time” races along while looking back at the strength of feelings which accompany a blossoming relationship”.

‘Safe From Harm’ will be released on June 18th, 2021 and will be available to stream and download from all major online distribution sites.