Dzang has just premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Retreat’. The song, as much as the EP its on titled ‘Glacial Erratic’, out July 23rd, is music on a primordial level. Think a subtle ASMR. A journey assist into your introverted self. The video could be considered a visual aide for that. A kind of guide. And while the video and track have a message, in this case climate crisis, it does it on a level that allows introspection and reflection. And, isn’t that the best way for persuasion?

About ‘Retreat’

Dzang is the brooding electronic project from LA based producer Adam Gunther. His new EP Glacial Erratic is music for late night drives – the end of the weekend comedown. Lead single “Retreat” is a moody, downtempo track that Gunther explains was intended to convey the feeling of California’s climate crisis and the need to escape. The video he explains, “shows a talismanic bird flying through scenes of climate disruption only to arrive at an urban core, unable to escape humanity’s influence”.