Robert Taira Wilson has always had a special place here at Jammerzine. Ever since we first got a hold of his previous album, ‘Nail And Hammer‘, he’s always fulfilled what ever avid music listener craves and that is heart and soul. He even made it on our ‘25 Best Indie Albums of 2015‘ list for the said album.

And now he’s back with his latest album titled “Cold In The Heat’, which was released on August 18th. The lead single, ‘Out At Sea’, is a complex yet introspective look at life through a soulful crooner with the musical mind of a genius. This track is art in audio form and compliments the other songs on ‘Cold In The Heat’ as much as the other songs compliment ‘Out At Sea’. The album as a whole serves as a companion to the yearning heart and heartfelt mind as both a fellow traveler and a guide.

Play ‘Cold In The Heat’ from start to finish, as it was meant to be listened to (not heard), and join Robert on this brilliant journey.

About ‘Cold In The Heat’
‘Cold In The Heat’ contains 6 brand new songs and features collaborations with several London based musicians. This record marks a significant shift in the style of my music with a greater focus on instrumentation and more complex arrangements with strings, double bass, percussion, backing vocals, harp, and electric guitar. Prior to 2015, I’d been living in Japan for three years. I came back to London alone to pursue my music and the experience of living away from my family and friends greatly influenced my writing. The themes of isolation and separation feature heavily in the songs.

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'Cold In The Heat' cover.
‘Cold In The Heat’ cover.

About Robert Taira Wilson
I’m a singer-songwriter from London UK and I started playing the guitar at the age of 7. For the last ten years, I’ve been performing my music around the UK and Japan, where I now split my time.

I find it hard to pigeonhole my music. I listen to such a wide mix of genres and I think I’m greatly influenced by most of what I hear. I actively try not to be folk, alternative, jazz, classical or world music. I try instead to take inspiration from all of these styles to create something new, something creative and personal. More importantly, I’d like to believe that my personal journeys, whether they be the physical kind or the emotional kind, and the deep impressions these journeys leave on me, have inspired my music and my song writing most of all.

I started playing guitar at an early age and when writing songs I often find that my guitar playing abilities serve as a trellis up which the rest of the song grows. I mostly learned guitar from a monthly guitar magazine called ‘Guitar Techniques’. Through this magazine, I was introduced to two guitarists that have influenced me most of all. Eric Roach and Thomas Leeb are two goliaths of acoustic guitar and they showed me that, through the use of chords and open strings, occupying Lead, rhythm, bass and percussion parts simultaneously, it is possible to create a sound so big that it is orchestral in its impact.

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