Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Japan based artist and multi-talent Robert Taira Wilson. Robert is someone who grew with Jammerzine and has been here since our beginning. And, to see him see success on his own terms and musically excel in so many ways from that first album to now is something to behold in so many ways.

In this interview, we talk with Robert about those beginnings up to his latest single titled ‘Into My Arms’, releasing today. A song that Robert spreads his wings on and shows more of a pop side to him while retaining that subtle smoothness his music shows as signature.

We also talk about life in his adopted home of Japan and the diverse music scene there and where he plans to take that music to the world.

About Robert Taira Wilson

Robert Taira Wilson is an English artist, musician and songwriter currently based in Japan.

His music fuses intricate, classically influenced guitar playing with modern alternative songwriting. He draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres and weaves together original and deeply personal songs.

In addition to songwriting, Robert produces a wide range of work, including drawings, paintings, animation and instrumental music.