1. Newport Road Roughion 5:52

Roughion is set to drop their new single titled ‘Newport Road’ on November 19th. Blessed to the beat and assimilated by the rhythm, Roughion give a subtle dancefloor a somewhat religious rave in that, once heard, you all now worship at the house of Roughion. And that hose is deep. Featuring a repetitive grind and strong base of a chord progression, ‘Newport Road’ shine with originality and bathe in the baskness of their own creative juices.

About Roughion

Roughion started their journey in 2014 but after a couple of years of finding their feet and reinventing themselves they’ve found their rhythm. Roughion have many influences from all music styles and genres, from Disco, to Drum and Bass to Techno and early Italo House and Jazz, they encompass all these sounds to great effect within all of their productions. Roughion also DJ and have a live show which is not to be missed.

With countless BBC Wales guest-mixes and performances at festivals for the BBC introducing in Wales gang they’re guaranteed to keep your feet tapping and your body moving.

With remixes for too many to name keeping them busy over the last 2 years they kept their original productions for dj sets only but now the secret is out, get ready for a new Welsh Wave of music and original sounds from these hotly tipped acid house and electronic connoisseurs.