Dawson Fuss today premieres his new video for the track titled ‘Free’. While the video has a slick set of production values and a style that is almost cinematic, the real gem about ‘Free’ is the song. Dawson is more than an accomplished singer/songwriter. He is an original presence in the world of music. And, in this age of manufactured ‘hits’ this is a amazingly rare thing. And this alone makes Dawson’s star shine on us all. His voice effortlessly conveys the emotion within the song while stamping a personality on it that no other singer could. Dawson is talent.

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About Dawson Fuss & ‘Free’

With “Free,” Dawson Fuss accomplishes one of the most difficult tasks a songwriter has: Tell one’s own story while providing a cathartic experience for listeners that inspires and captivates them. Through vivid storytelling and impassioned lyrics paired with an intoxicating pop melody, the track celebrates tackling one of life’s more arduous challenges–being honest with yourself about who you are and what you want. For Dawson, that meant accepting and embracing his own identity in spite of the internal and external forces that would coax one into doing the opposite. “Coming out was something I had always tried to avoid because I didn’t want to come to terms with being gay. I convinced myself that my sexuality was a burden to myself and others. However, after I finally realized that coming out was something to take total pride in, I was able to let go and feel truly ‘Free,’” he describes.

In the short time that Dawson has been releasing music, he’s already enraptured audiences and garnered praise from a number of publications including The Santa Barbara Independent, Atwood Magazine, Indiewavves, Pop Wrapped, and more. The Santa Barbara Independent beamed that “​​he carries himself as if he were in his twenties, and he has the work ethic and introspection to show for it.” This latest offering further cements the compelling themes throughout his upcoming EP, Edge of Adolescence. Seamlessly tying the record together is a profound story of maturation and self-acceptance that connects with his audience long after the final song has reached its end.

Growing up in Santa Barbara, Dawson Fuss began starring in local musical productions and other theatre programs at the early age of five. This inspired him to pursue a music career where he could transform emotions into lyrics through the art of songwriting. Since then, his passion for music has only continued to grow, performing at his school in two choirs and most recently placing in the top-three local competition Teen Star Santa Barbara, which American Idol’s Randy Jackson judged. When Dawson isn’t creating music, he’s exploring other art mediums that he’s passionate about, including photography and cinematography.