1. U Can’t Hide feat. Blackout Ja Rumble 3:01

Rumble joins with Reggae revolutionary Blackout Ja to for the new song titled ‘U Can’t Hide’. ‘U Can’t Hide features a spun web of words and a verbal assault that never lets up, not even at the end. This is the music we need more of. That in-your-face- no bullshit straight-to-the-point anthemic signature sound. ‘U Can’t Hide’, but why would you run? Killer.

‘Round’, Rumble’s new album, is out now via Chinese Man Records.

About ‘U Can’t Hide’ (ft. Blackout Ja)

Rumble join forces for their next single, this time featuring Blackout Ja a prominent figure of the Dancehall scene. U Can’t Hide projects an overall positive and bouncy vibe, with the intention of celebrating the power of music and all of those who create it. This in turn provides relevance, and take’s on its full meaning in view of the current situation in the world of music right now!

The single release is ahead of their debut album Round dropping via Chinese Man Records on Friday 14th May.

About Rumble

LeYan and TomaPam, producers of several eponymous EPs on the Chinese Man Records label. Skoob Le Roi, the scenic force of the collective, finally decided to bring its stone to the creative edifice.

And finally SLY, emeritus member of Chinese Man, who unfaithfully wisely, comes to deploy all his talent to transcend this quartet.

About ‘Round’

The concept of the album is interweaving samples from all walks of life, and from all eras. Confusing musical universes, traveling from Old School Hip-Hop to digital Boom Bap, combining Trip Hop with Bass Music whilst heckling Dancehall. Creating music where everyone brings their influences in the service of the same quest….to find the ideal sound!

In this quest, RUMBLE have teamed up with artists from all over the world, including Too Many T’s (UK) Rhyme Time (USA) Mariama (Germany) and Blackout Ja (Jamaica/UK) to push the limits of their production even further.This musical diversity takes on its full meaning within their live show, where the unclassifiable DJ set contains a unique combination of mixing and a feverish style, leaving nobody feeling indifferent.