SERA is clearly proven to be a sheer multi-talent with her new upcoming release titled ‘Rabbit Hole’ due out this Friday (June 7, 2019). With a clever Welsh hook and angelic voice combined to give a sing-and-dance-along musical audacity to every chord progression, ‘Rabbit Hole’ feels good to the ears and lasting to the memory in ways one can’t describe but longs for more.

‘Rabbit Hole’ will be released officially on CEG Records via PYST on June 7th along with a music video.

About SERA
‘Rabbit Hole’ is the first single from SERA’s collection of songs for 2019 and from her new collaboration with producer Andi Bonsai.

SERA played a mellow acoustic ‘Rabbit Hole’ on her guitar to Andi one wet and windy October morning and by the end of the day, that song had transformed into the high energy version you hear today. ‘Rabbit Hole’ stays true to SERA’s Americana/folk style but takes on some bold new ideas. The chorus explodes into Come with me to incredible things, where the oysters march from the sea, inviting you into a world of the fantastic. SERA’s new songs will continue to follow in this theme of the mythic-surreal rooted in very real experiences.

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‘Rabbit Hole’ is a journey through an addictive relationship, leading through naivety and self-destruction to escape. SERA hails from Caernarfon in North Wales and is a busy bilingual (Welsh and English) performer and songwriter, part of the CEG Records family.
In addition to great support from Welsh media and festival such as BBC Radio Wales/ Radio Cymru, S4C and Focus Wales, support for SERA’s music has come from Chris Hawkins 6Music, Claire Blading Radio 2, specialist shows, North American Festival of Wales, How the Light Gets in, Festival Number 6, Henley Festival and more and continues to grow….