Space-Rock reaches new levels in the stratosphere with RMFTM’s (Radar Men From The Moon) new three track EP titled ‘Bliss’. The band journeys into the realm of ambiance with subtle gestures of noise-rock thrown in for diversity in what, I feel, is an aural mise-en-scène of lucidly chaotic yet beautifully mastered in bright colorful sounds and wave-forming majesty.

Eindhoven-based industrialists RMFTM (Radar Men From The Moon) are back with new material in the shape of an EP titled Bliss. The three-track EP arrives on June 14th via long-term label Fuzz Club and follows on from a split 7” with cult Norweigan noise-rock/metal band Årabrot (2019), the third and final volume in their Subversive album trilogy, Subversive III: De Spelende Mens (2017), as well as a collaborative record with Salford collective Gnod under the Temple Ov BBV moniker (2017). With a new full-length in the works, Bliss offers a welcome introduction into what’s to come: a world of apocalyptic drone and ambient nightmares.

Taking influence from such avant-garde innovators as Cabaret Voltaire and Nurse With Wound – whilst also following a similar path to it’s more contemporary proponents in Shit & Shine, Container and collaborators Gnod – RMFTM says of the new release: “The Bliss EP is made up out of three songs that were conceived on the 2018 Secret Howls For Europe Tour, in support of Subversive III. When we came back from that tour we recorded them immediately.

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These three K-Hole anthems are an experimental exercise in ambient, drone and dark electronics.” The titular, opening track ‘Bliss’ – “a Dionysian meditation put to sound” – offers a menacing insight into what’s to follow on the rest of the EP. Across it’s 12-minute running length, the Dutch band envelope the listener with a deluge of dark, droning electronics, eerie chiming bells and a propulsive beat that’s submerged beneath a stormy sea of feedback that twists, throbs and hisses away from start to finish. ‘Moon’ is something of a comedown from the former; in absence of the previous track’s 4/4 beat ‘Moon’ is instead a piece of shadowy ambient drone that sounds like La Monte Young in the clutches of a terrifying hallucinogenic-induced fever dream. Upping the ante once again, final track ‘Naked’ sees the band approach industrial techno territory, the claustrophobic drone still looms in the background but what drives the track is a pulverizing mechanical beat that never lets loose for a second.

RMFTM formed in Eindhoven in 2010 and is comprised of Glenn Peeters, Tony Lathouwers, Titus Verkuijlen, and Bram van Zuijlen.

The band will perform at this year’s Fuzz Club Eindhoven (Aug 23 + 24) alongside Iceage, Kikagaku Moyo, The Soft Moon, The KVB and more.

“Reminiscent of White Hills brand of far-out space-rock, though there’s other interesting stuff going on here, such as its post-punk Föllakzoid-ian basslines, the clanging industrial beats and spiky, repetitive no-wave guitar”
– The Quietus

“RMFTM lay out an unsettling ambient backtrack against which all manner of alien and
mechanical sounds perpetrate disruption… The sound is experimental and free.”
– Soundblab

“The immense head-on collision between psych and acid house stretches the definitions of noise, space and time”
– Artrocker