Shawn O’Donnell premieres his new single titled ‘Quicksand’ right here on Jammerzine. The first thing you capture at that first listen to the song is Shawn’s nearly perfect and natural voice. And what’s more, is that Shawn has that songwriter’s mentality that knows exactly what not only compliments his voice musically but what music can surround that vocal prowess to become an all-encompassing self-made style that lets the listener in and welcomes them to the next experience of their life.

‘Quicksand’ is a song that is all too aware of itself and, while having that introverted quality found in the best music and art, lets the listener in just enough to share that experience in a way that they feel like a part of the music and, in turn, the music becomes a part of their heart.

‘Quicksand’ drops today (June 12, 2020).

About Shawn O’Donnell

Meet Shawn O’Donnell, a singer-songwriter from West Chester, PA with a unique sound that infuses his alt-rock roots into a melodic pop style. Growing up playing in numerous punk bands his goal has been to take the sensual vibe of R&B/pop music and combine it with the community and raw energy that comes from a live rock show.

With his new single “Quicksand” Shawn bridges the gap with guitar-driven alt-rock and 808-driven trap beats. The result is a fresh sound that harkens back to the glory days of punk/emo while still incorporating a modern edge. Shawn’s hook-laden choruses are able to maintain the power of a rock song and the accessibility of a pop song.

The song “describes the toxicity of when the people around you lead you into making mistakes you would have otherwise not made and how this influence can drag you under without knowing until it’s too late,” says O’Donnell. This sentiment is echoed in the line: “stop dragging me in too / I can’t reach you in the quicksand.”

If “Quicksand” is any indication, O’Donnell is sure to be an innovative voice in the ever-expanding world of alternative pop music.