Mile Me Deaf has released their new album titled ‘Ecco’ via Siluh Records. Featuring a much more synthesized and refined sound, Wolfgang Möstl, the mind behind the music, give that signature sound a kick with a solid set of hooks within the electronic realm and sends out a solid set of tracks each with their own purpose with the love of an artist and the care of a producer.

About Mile Me Deaf

Following the release of Mile Me Deaf’s last full-length LP – Alien Age – the long-since fruitful project of Austrian visionary multi-instrumentalist Wolfgang Möstl seemed to have run its course, coming to a head with a vibrant vision of a colorful Pop dystopia. Having started out in the early-00s with his noise-rock outfit Killed By 9V Batteries, Möstl has become one of the keys – and most prolific – cogs in Vienna’s busy viral underground scene, brimming with DIY groups and exploratory solo projects. Transcending the confines of the scene too, Möstl has also toured the US twice with both Mile Me Deaf and anarchic fuzzy Pop group Sex Jams, a song by the former also featuring on US drama series This Is Us.

So – where to go from there? As Möstl puts it: “It’s hard to write songs about a world you basically destroyed.” The intervening years saw Möstl meet increasing demands for his production chops (Dives, Voodoo Jürgens), work with his Stoner Rock outfit Melt Downer, Vaporwave project Voyage Futur, plus singer-songwriter Clara Luzia – and most importantly of all, become a father.

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Inescapably drawn back to Mile Me Deaf though, ‘Ecco’ manages to somehow find Möstl at the peak of his Pop prowess. The revived bionic project’s soundscapes are now popular synths, samplers, and a futurist pulse rather than guitars, underlining Ecco’s central theme of repetition and rebirth. Fuelled by an impulsive stream-of-consciousness writing process, Möstl finds himself guided down a dark – and basic – path towards a glittering album of potent post-psychedelic, post-vaporwave, post-human Pop about birth and death.

‘Ecco’ explores how everything, ultimately, repeats itself. Built from loops and pulsing electronics as much as human fingers on keys and some of Möstl’s most captivating melodies, songs like ‘Stop And Rewind’, ‘Phase’, or ‘Loop’ have a clear message: “All is echoing infinitely.” As Möstl himself is well aware, the next stage of Mile Me Deaf is impossible to resist. ‘Ecco’ finds bliss in repetition, and assembles utterly intoxicating Pop grooves out the other side of his project’s first death.

All songs are written & produced by Wolfgang Möstl.