With a bombastically spectacular and driving intro via fuzzy guitars and a pseudo-discotheque style, Skyfever brings the reign with their new single titled ‘Kings’. At first listen one could say that this song would fit perfectly on U2’s ‘Pop’ album (mind you that is an awesome album) but, after that initial thought, you regret thinking it because this is in a realm all it’s own. It’s just a pure in-your-face rock-pop opus that never lets up but lets you in.

About ‘Kings’
“Kings was written after a lost weekend involving a lot of whiskeys, Muhammed Ali documentaries, Game of Thrones and rediscovering early U2 albums. Embracing the war within and who you really are is an important mantra within our band and this song is the anthem for that way of life.

It is the focal track of our ‘Rear View Mirror’ EP and has been playlisted at the stadiums of the New York Yankees, Carolina Panthers, and Tennessee Titans “

About Skyfever
Skyfever is a rock band from Ireland who is breaking through in a big way, with their music being selected for play in a number of famous sports stadiums. Their infectious rock music has filled the stadiums of Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, the Tennessee Titans, the world famous New York Yankees and also at the Carolina Panthers 75,000 seater Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. With this band, rock finds its rightful home!

Legendary rocker Alice Cooper is a fan, and last year he endorsed the band by not only playing their track, The Returning, to listeners of his worldwide-syndicated radio show, Nights with Alice Cooper, but also by personally sharing their track on social media and praising their talent. In fact, radio stations across the USA have recognized Skyfever and they have been played on stations from Philadelphia (WCLH) to Chicago (WZRD) to Nashville, Tennessee (Under the Gun Radio).

The UK has got behind Skyfever too, with Jim Gellatly (Amazing Radio) playing their music and the renowned Fred Perry Subculture website name-checking them alongside Otherkin, Heathers and Squarehead as ‘Top 20 Dublin Bands to Watch’.

Skyfever is Luke Lang on vocals, Brian Clarke on guitar/sounds, Tyson Harding on guitar, Ciaran O’Brien on bass and Karl Hand on drums.