Slopes has today released his new single titled ‘Tears’. A quiet anthem for empowerment and self realization, Slopes shows power to the powerless with a positive attitude and lush harmonies that give highlight that feeling of enlightenment that we all need and have, just lose from time to time. With a chorus that is also like a choir, and a hook that will put the feels in us all, this is exactly what we need in this time of personal loss related (or not) to the imposed isolation we must all endure.

About Slopes & ‘Tears’

Bursting back onto the scene with an exquisite new single that expertly combines his empowered attitude, bold lyricism, and stunning vocals indie-pop singer-songwriter Slopes shares ‘Tears’.

Slopes is the work of singer, songwriter and producer Dag Holtan-Hartwig. As one half of multi-platinum production duo Skinny Days he’s already been the driving force behind billions of streams for artists like Ava Max, Alan Walker, SEEB and Julie Bergan. Now, as Slopes, he’s prepared a body of work that’s warm, powerful, and just the right amount of rough around the edges, recorded between LA, Oslo, and an off-grid hut deep in the Norwegian countryside.

Slopes came about through Dag’s own experience of heartbreak. Moving to LA in search of a fresh start he instead found himself living alone with only his thoughts — and his songwriting — for company. The music he wrote during that period inspired him to start work on Slopes, expressing a side of his personality and an organic, timeless production style that hadn’t ever made sense when making music for other artists. “Slopes allows me to express the darker side that is constantly there for me,” he adds. “I’d say I’m somewhere between a pessimist and a realist — but it’s melancholy, where nostalgia meets a belief in the future, that I feel most comfortable.”

The strength of Slopes’ music lies, Dag believes, in his own approach to mixing the city, where he lives, with the extremes of the countryside, where he escapes. “Nature is the ultimate artwork and it’s right there in the heart of my songwriting,” he says. “To understand the beauty out in nature, helps me understand the beauty in other things too.”

Following the success of his debut single ‘Prove Them Wrong’ earlier this year, Slopes has seen support from Wonderland Magazine, NOTION, Spotify’s New Music Friday, and has garnered over 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone. He now returns with ‘Tears’, a more upbeat pop track which remains as emotionally compelling, through Slopes’ powerful lyricism.

“Sometimes, if I’ve let someone down, I can feel as if those tears shouldn’t be wasted on me – kind of like, save them for someone better! Tears is about avoiding or escaping relationships in fear of letting people down.” – Slopes

Slopes has never been one to hold back when it comes to his art and ‘Tears’ reveals the confident performer he’s becoming. With so much more to come from the young artist, we’re expecting big things from Slopes this year.

“Save your little tears for someone better than I,” Slopes sings with earnest vulnerability on his latest single, “Tears,” out via Warner Music Germany on August 13th. What makes “Tears” so compelling is that Slopes takes ownership of his fears and admits to his own shortcomings.

“Sometimes, if I’ve let someone down, I can feel as if those tears shouldn’t be wasted on me––kind of like, save them for someone better. “Tears” is about avoiding or escaping relationships in fear of letting people down,” Slopes admits.

Born Dag Holtan-Hartwig, Slopes is doing anything but letting fans down. Drawing influence from the old mountain cottage outside of Oslo where he grew up, and from his city life as one half of the production duo Skinny Days, Slopes has contributed to hits for artists such as Ava Max, Alan Walker, SEEB and Julie Bergan, while gaining international success, platinum sales and a billion streams in the process. Now, as a solo artist, Slopes has already seen success with millions of streams, multiple viral TikTok videos, and placements on prestigious Spotify official playlists.

For the “Tears” music video, Slopes slips into a new role and tells the story of a groom getting cold feet in the moment of truth. “I’m not an actor, so doing a video shoot like this always means I have to step out of my comfort zone. However, this time around the energy was so good on set, and the actress playing the lead role, Susanna, just carried me through and helped make the whole day feel super easy and fun”, he reveals.

Produced and written by Slopes himself, “Tears” skillfully blends classic songwriting with modern pop elements and lush vocal harmonies that would make even the master, Imogen Heap, proud. Uniting both those that have been hurt by an unavailable lover and those who retreat in fear of ultimately letting someone down, this is truly a song for everyone. “God knows that I could never keep something as sweet as you,” Slopes sings. No matter what you say (or sing), Slopes, you can’t get rid of us—we will be blasting this melancholic, end of summer jam for seasons to come!