Speed of Sound will drop their new single titled ‘Glide On By’ on June 26th. Ahead of that date, we have a sneak-peek of things to come; and those things are original. The style and sound are quirky and original in that way that is Speed Of Sound, yet there is something more here. There is that feeling of coasting and freefall within the music trapped inside the lyrics. This is that new inner dystopia found in us all.

About The Speed Of Sound

Now in their 4th decade, Manchester UK’s underground alternative rock veterans The Speed Of Sound return with their new single recorded just before lockdown, jointly issued on Californian label Big Stir Records in Burbank LA and their own Be Records. A new, fresh slice of their own distinctive, distilled, deeply recognizable tones:

‘Glide On By’ is very much a song for the 21st Century: Delving into personal separation from external events, while socially contracting and disappearing into inner and outer space, putting the life setting onto ‘stunned’ and floating through the universe on a non-powered flight, generating a feeling of isolation from the rest of humanity; evolving, becoming something new, like the baby-in-a-bubble in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Also, it kicks. Big time.

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Immersive and absorbing, literary and articulate, possessing what German counter-cultural icon and DJ Lord Litter described as ‘a naturally snarling kiss my arse attitude’ The Speed Of Sound has been a presence in the music underground for over thirty years, as an artistic hub; hosting visiting bands from across Europe as well as the UK. Throughout that time they have always had something to say, laced with positivity and empowerment. Imagine Debbie Harry & Lou Reed fronting The Who and Television at the same time, marinading experience into an evolving sound for The Now.

The Speed Of Sound are:

John Armstrong – Songwriting/Guitars/Vocals: JohnA has developed a vivid style of guitar playing borne of combining rhythm and lead techniques in a flow that pulls the music like a tide steeped in unresolved chords and entrancing vocals.

Ann-Marie Crowley – Vocals/Guitars: Ann-Marie provides the trademark dual lead vocals and male/female harmonies and has vast experience of Irish, folk, and also classical singing.

Kevin Roache – Bass guitar: Kevin brings a wide understanding of playing differing genre’s including the music of Indian origin, he has a highly individual outlook on the bass.

John Broadhurst – Drums: JohnB has a wealth of skills including jazz, pop, rock, and blues and has an ability to play with the spaces, the freedom of playing originals is liberating while the fluid and improvisational sections are something he embraces.

Album Credits

Recorded mixed and mastered by long term The Speed Of Sound collaborators Vibratone Sound Studio Manchester, at Vibratone’s new, superbly equipped, and purpose-built recording studio. Open in Manchester since 2018; Vibratone previously booked time at external facilities such as the (internationally renowned within the post-punk world) former Cargo Studio in Rochdale; Vibratone is unobtrusively making a name for themselves among Manchester underground musicians and have worked with The Speed Of Sound since their Everything Changes album recorded in 2015.

Sleeve art by LocalHotelParking, another long term collaboration starting with The Speed Of Sound’s 30th Anniversary CD sleeve, hand-cut analog collages, already working on commissions the art for future The Speed Of Sound releases.

Video production by Nikos Pavlou, another long term collaborator, originally from Greece and heavily involved in the local music scene there, Nikos works in production and live sound as well as video and previously created the video for The Speed Of Sound’s 2016 release the Moment Is Now.