Christopher Anton founded the alternative synth-rock band Pseudocipher in 1998. The band initially began by recording a collage of electronic synthpop and rock-inspired pieces. This origin inevitably led the band to have two releases, Pseudocipher (self-titled) in 1998, and Fragments of Empathy in 2003. Fragments of Empathy (aka FOE) were produced by the French Brothers in Burbank, CA, and were released on Gem Tree Records. On FOE, Anton was joined by Jon Siren (drums) and Natasha Cox (keys) of Mankind Is Obsolete. The success of Fragments of Empathy saw the band sharing the stage with acts such as Berlin, Real Life, Daniel Ash (Bauhaus), and Anything Box.

In March 2003, Anton auditioned for and was chosen as the lead singer and frontman for Adolfo Valencia’s Depeche Mode cover band, 101. Valencia (guitars, keyboards, and vocals) and Anton were joined by Oziel Rufio (keyboards and vocals) and by Anton’s Pseudocipher bandmate, Siren (drums).[2]

In January 2006, Anton auditioned for and was selected as the new lead singer for the synthpop band Information Society. Anton began recording with Paul Robb and James Cassidy (two of the band’s original members) in January 2006 with Anton co-writing several tracks alongside Robb. The sessions lasted until January 2007 and the results were twofold. An EP entitled Oscillator and its counterpart, the full-length release Synthesizer were both released in late 2007. The two releases marked the first new music from Information Society in 10 years. Synthesizer is a nod to the band’s electro-dance origins with tracks “Burning Bridges”, “Back in the Day” and “Baby Just Wants” and also reached the top 5 on Germany’s DAC album chart.[3] During 2006–2007, Anton performed as frontman for Information Society, which included shows for crowds in numbers up to 20,000 in Oregon, California, New York, New Jersey, and Brazil. In late 2007, Anton recorded and released the international dance track “I’m Lost in You” which was written and produced by electroclash pioneer Isaac Junkie from Mexico City. In October 2007, Anton joined Isaac Junkie in a sold-out performance at the Club Ultravioleta in Mexico City.

In November 2008, Anton released his first solo EP, Your Perfect Tragedy. To create the EP, Anton teamed up with producer Nick James and began performing live with Nick James (keyboards, synthesizers) and Donna Jean (keyboards, bass, percussion).

In 2010, Anton released a dance maxi-single, “Fade to Grey”, a cover of the 1980 Visage song. Anton’s full-length album entitled Destination:X was released on July 20, 2010, through U.S. Synthpop label A Different Drum as a Limited Edition C.D. A remix contest for the track “Lovefix” soon followed.[4]

In 2012, Anton announced his newest release Spaceships and Dreamers, an EP jointly produced by Nick James and John von Ahlen of Parralox. It also features Donna Jean on vocals, and a guest appearance by Houston hip hop artist Drastic Vango.[5]

On March 1, 2013, an EP featuring new remixes of the track “In Silence” from Spaceships and Dreamers plus additional B-sides was released.

In 2019, Anton announced that a new album is in the works. The first single, titled “Living on the Edge of Time”, was released on June 6, 2019.

SOURCE: Official Bio