The Amber Bugs are set to release their new single titled ‘Rat vs Mole’. With a quirky original style (I thought Fishbone vs Smilex) with added old school flare and a caffeine induced originality frenzy, The Amber Bugs really gets the blood and creative juices flowing in such a small amount of time within the track that other musicians have to wonder how they got so9 many hooks and happy pills into 3:20. Hell yeah!

About The Amber Bugs

No man is one thing. We’re sons, brothers, partners, workers, nerds and Rock stars. All at once, not in part, but fully. And that’s what you get with The Amber Bugs. A whole bunch of stuff crammed together, busting at the seams. Unapologetically hard to pin down but all the more real for it. Songs are energetic, noisy, rough around the edges and relentless in direction changes.

They pull on Punk, Jazz, Ska, and Lindy Hop influences to name just a few. At a strange time when COVID has removed variety from our lives, The Amber Bugs are here to give it back. All of it. Enjoy.

About ‘Rat vs Mole’

Right before the pandemic took hold London based Art-Rock 5 piece The Amber Bugs recorded their most ambitious body of work to date. Rat vs Mole is the climax of what came out of those sessions.

Arabian inspired strings meet fuzzy guitars in a quirky tale that invites listeners along on the bands inside joke about undercover cop and gangster movies. Rat vs Mole is a bonkers musical screenplay with cinematic scale. For Fans of Jack White, Radiohead, and Royal Blood.