Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Rob Salem and Scott Earley from the band Salem’s Childe. Also featured are video, single, and album premieres and previews from Piqued Jacks, Punt Guns, Cambry H, Flor and the Sea, Julian Shah-Tayler, of1000faces, ASM, and the world premiere of the new remix of ‘TOS2020’ by Trentemøller from The Mission’s Wayne Hussey’s COVID-19 project ReMission International.

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About Salem’s Childe

Salem’s Childe has officially done a Jammerzine exclusive interview! And why I announced it in that way and am so excited about this particular interview is the fact that I know these guys personally and have even been in bands with one of them. Salem’s Childe is a band that I have followed from the inception. And one thing I can vouch for above all else is this is a band that is going about its musical career path on its own terms. And you will hear some of that in this interview.

One thing I must say before you listen is that, because I know these guys, this is more of a conversation than an interview. Sometimes that happens. But, I feel that is a good thing because we cover a lot of ground about Salem’s Childe but, unlike most interviews, we get to know about the minds behind the music as people. And these are good people. You will get to know a little more about why Salem’s Childe is the band that they are.

The new album by Salem’s Childe titled ‘The Sin That Saves You’ will release on October 9, 2020, via Pavement Entertainment.


About Piqued Jacks

Piqued Jacks have dropped their new single titled ‘Safety Distance’. A continuance of their personal evolution of revolution, ‘Safety Distance’ adds the personal flair and style of the Jacks to the current global situation of distancing and isolation and bring us all just a little bit closer to reality, and each other, with a personal message of harmony, hope, and hip with a song that is the anthem of integration.

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About Punt Guns

Punt Guns officially release their new track and video titled ‘The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe’ on Jammerzine. Featuring the vocal debut of bassist Karisma, there couldn’t be a better debut than ‘The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe’. The song is a sucker punch to the senses and a hard hit to the ears.

The pandemic actually feels a bit more isolating now after hearing this track because I can’t help but think ‘Why does all the best live music have to come out when there are no concerts?’. ‘The Most Sacred Thing In The Universe’ is one of those tracks. This song was meant for the crowd and I can’t wait for the day that it’s played live for those crowds. Keep this song at the ready.


About Cambry H

Cambry H has premiered his new video and single titled ‘Goodnight’ today (September, 24th). On that initial listen, Cambry has an honesty about him. An honesty that transcends borders, beliefs, and social boundaries that most of us impede upon ourselves because that’s what we were taught. But Cambry lays on the table. Take it or leave it. It will be there all the same. And that is what we need at this moment. Add to that a soulful voice that perfectly frames the emotion of the notion and you have a timeless beauty in audio format. A future classic if you will.

The video is more of a visual track to the sound instead of a soundtrack to the visual. Kept simple. Clean. Almost naked with feeling and bare with conviction.


About Flor and the Sea

Flor and the Sea have officially released their new video titled ‘A Candid Lie’. As if filmed in a different era where people could convene in harmony and not intervene for quarantine, ‘A Candid Lie’ surrounds the current state of things with a sonic atmosphere of inclusion and infusion of love and endurance in that ‘you are not alone’ and, after we survive, we should remember to thrive.

In regards to the album ‘Kings & Queens’, Grandiose is scope from that first track (A Candid Lie), and continuing the solid set of hooks throughout, this ambitious set of songs sets a style and mood within the confines of the audio that show Flor and the Sea as impressive songwriters as much as expressive artists.

While each track fits in the overall sound, each has its own personality traits that range from introspection to extroversion and everywhere in between. Progression and virtuosity in the guise of mainstream pop.


About Julian Shah-Tayler

Julian Shah-Tayler a.k.a. ‘The Singularity’ has premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Devil Knows’ on Jammerzine. A vivid combination of a pop hit in waiting and electro-rock mix with a solid rhythm and beat, this version of ‘Devil Knows’ gives us a journey into collaboration with sub-bass highlights and sprinkles of synth.

The video captures the antics of a dainty dominatrix played by Eva Strangelove and her day-to-day goings-on from the mundane to the strange giving me the impression that we all have our own lifestyle and what’s normal and not is left to our own interpretation. What’s also normal is the meaning of the song. Loss is a constant in life and how we lose touch with those around us, whether it be from distance in location or distance in views or anything else is normal as well and, through that loss, we always gain a part of ourselves.

The video was “socially distanced” by the exquisite “Eva Strangelove” famed burlesque performer (and clearly developed comedic actress) from her house and dungeon. David j provides artful interjections from his home in LOS ANGELES To be featured in the ruby rock version. Julian broadcasts from the inferno of a burning Pasadena, California. (Last shot featuring the sun with zero filters).


About of1000faces

of1000faces has released their new video for the track titled ‘Astronomica’. As the titled track from the album of the same name, it’s only fitting that this is how that track should sound. Spacious, grandiose, atmospheric, and more. To me, it also sounds worldly. ‘Astronomica’ has that feel that makes you reflect on the world around you and gives you that sense that you are a part of it and not just an observer.

The ‘Astronomica’ album was released digitally on September 25 and is available across online stores such as Apple Music and streaming platforms such as Spotify and Bandcamp.

About ReMission International

ReMission International has just shed light on Trentemøller’s take on the multinational COVID-19 relief track titled ‘TOS2020’. Trentemøller gives an obvious departure from both the original track from The Mission as well as the first collaboration released last month. More subdued and introverted while containing the obvious Trentemøller style, this remix is an introversion-conversion meant for personal reflection and as a valve for the emotions in this isolation that we all face and desperately feel.

The ‘Tower of Strength’ begins with the power of music.

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About ASM

ASM has dropped their new album titled ‘Blue Cocoon’. The first track, ‘Marathon’ came as a complete surprise to me. Almost anti-climatic, the track actually fits almost perfectly as to signify the slow burn that ‘Blue Cocoon’ achieves as an album. that burn continues through as an eventual crescendo that encapsulates the album and gives that sense of ascension to the listener that feels earned by the time ‘Blue Cocoon’ concludes.

The samples are welcome obscurity that combines retro-bliss in concert with the style of the album in this modern time of isolation.

With a more stripped sound and simple direction, ASM embraces these new set of nostalgic hooks while moving forward in a musical progression that gives an optimism desperately needed that’s rarely spoken.

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