The Bramantes have premiered their new single titled ‘Calling’ on Jammerzine. That smooth, almost lofi, sweet sound from that dynamic duo from Canada has that sweet, certain something that captivates the ear and shakes the rear. But what may impress you without realizing it is the mix. The mix is brilliant. There is more in the background than you realize. But you also get that slight but powerful hook. That hook is spread throughout the song in a gorgeously stretched fashion and by the time the song is over, you want to hit play again.

Check out the video, which also premiered today, below.

About The Bramantes

Hailing from Toronto, siblings Abigail and Eli Bramante (professionally known as The Bramantes) are a dynamic duo crafting pulsating music mixing jazzy vocals with electro-house and neo soul production. Such eclectic influences come from a rich upbringing in the arts, with heavy inspiration coming from their parents who are involved in visual arts. Abigail’s love for singing began as a young child when she would perform in children’s choirs.

That love led her to win singing competitions in jazz and musical theatre and eventually auditions for America’s Got Talent and American Idol. Eli’s love for music production developed after sitting in on his sister’s studio sessions. He took it on himself to learn all there is to know about producing music sound engineering and mixing, but his inspiration transcends aural realms. Fashion and visual aesthetics drive his creative processes and are muses when creating atmospheres and moods in the songs he embodies.

After signing on to Cash Money Records and collaborating with Grammy award-winning producers, The Bramantes forge their own path with their upcoming single “Calling”. The follow up to last year’s single “Wonder”, this second offering from their upcoming debut EP hearkens on an irresistible rhythm section reminiscent of GoldLink’s 2017 hit “Meditation” while rich vocal harmonies give the track unique jazzy undertones. It pulls listeners through times of confusion, helping them find their purpose and motivating them to pursue it.