Tarah Who? has premiered their new video titled ‘Swallow That Pill’. Continuing that evolution of their signature sound, Tarah Who? is one of those bands that simply is. And I say this because they are as recognizable as a Coca Cola bottle in the dark. They are signature. Simply said.

‘Swallow That Pill’ continues that sound with dissonant guitars and a solid beat under Tarah’s distinctively rebellious vocals that culminates into a subtle rock stomper that demands another listen.

The video shows how Tarah Who? is as talented at quality as much as creativity. Giving the band that feeling that they are on MTV as much as they are on Vevo.

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About Tarah Who? & ‘Swallow That Pill’

Tarah Who?, the L.A. based grunge-punk powerhouse duo fronted by Tarah Carpenter, writes emotionally charged and thought-provoking songs, as well as in your face videos. This includes their latest single and video for “Swallow That Pill”, out January 22, 2021.

Tarah Who? is Tarah G. Carpenter (vocals/guitar) and Corale Hervé (drums/backing vocals).

Carpenter says about “Swallow That Pill”, “We have all been told at least once in our lives that we have to “face the music” or that we don’t have a choice. However, every decision that we make is a choice. You may not like the outcome but whatever experience you go through in your life, it is your decision to make to keep doing it or to quit.”

“Swallow That Pill” was produced by Jason Orme and Tarah Carpenter. Erica Torres shot the video in Van Nuys, CA.

Photo credit is Maria Quintana.