The Cathode Ray return with a vengeance with their new single titled ‘Heightened Senses’. This track features a refined incarnation of the band but with that solid Cathode Ray sound intact. From a band that is known for their hooks, this is an immense pleasure to listen to. There are many similarities, yet differences between this and their earlier music in that The Cathode Ray has a truly defined sound; one that makes you recognize who it is at first listen, yet there is an expansion on that sound both musically and harmonically. The Cathode Ray is that fine wine that you keep to increase its value, but always want to drink it.

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About ‘Heightened Senses’

Stereogram Recordings are delighted to announce the release of ‘Heightened Senses’ , the long-awaited new single by The Cathode Ray on September 27th, 2019, available on video, download and stream formats. It’s released before the band’s third album, also called ‘Heightened Senses’, which will be available on gatefold vinyl, CD, download and streaming formats from November 1st, 2019.

The infectious title track digs deeper into the more positive side of The Cathode Ray, previously hinted at on earlier singles such as ‘Mind’ and ‘This Force Of Nature’. Simultaneously a simple ode to the joy of life and a love song, chief songwriter Jeremy Thoms sings of “living in the here and now” and how “this energy inside” gives him “heightened senses, intensified and true, magnified for you”, all set to an insanely catchy slice of skewed perfect Pop which The Cathode Ray do so well. Think Portugal The Man meets The Strokes via Pharrell and Taylor Swift.

Following on four and a half years from their last long-player, the ‘Heightened Senses’ album itself, as the name implies, finds the bands musical and lyrical palette raised to new levels.

It also includes previous single ‘Another World’ which was another bold musical statement from the band, evoking nothing less than the glam balladry of Suede, Roxy Music or Be-Bop Deluxe, married to subliminal electronica.

Simultaneously more Pop and progressive, direct and experimental, electronic and acoustic, the albums nine tracks take the listener on a rich and varied sonic journey, while lyrically it concerns itself variously with themes of fantasy and reality, alienation and belonging, hopes and fears, doubts and certainties, optimism and mortality, the past, present, and future.

About The Cathode Ray

Originally based on a loose concept of forging late seventies New York, with late seventies Manchester, The Cathode Ray started life in 2006. Adding 60’s garage, soundtracks, Glam Rock, Northern Soul, Disco and Psyche to the palette, recording sessions ensued, with the bands debut double ‘A’ sided single ‘What’s it all About?’/’Mind’ being hailed as Single of the Year by Radio Clyde DJ and Sunday Mail columnist Billy Sloan in his round-up of 2006.

A second single, ‘Slipping Away’ was released on April 2009 and proclaimed Single of the Year (so far) by the esteemed journalist Paul Lester in an enthusiastic piece in The Guardian.

The band’s eponymous debut album came out in April 2012 through Stereogram Recordings and featured high in many end-of-year roundups. The single ‘Dispersal’ was Track of the Month in April 2012 on the influential Janice Forsyth Show on BBC Radio Scotland.

The Cathode Ray released their second album entitled ‘Infinite Variety’ on Stereogram Recordings in April 2015. Accompanied by the singles ‘Resist’, ‘Buck The Trend’ and ‘This Force Of Nature’, it garlanded ecstatic praise from all corners of the music press and also faired well in the year-end lists.